Homer Kizer Ministries

High Holy Days Calendar

Roman Year : 2017

The Philadelphia Church does not recognize the validity of set asides, days added or subtracted so that one Sabbath does not become the preparation day for another.

2017 Date
Year Begins* March 28
Passover * April 10
Feast of Unleavened Bread * April 11-17
Wave Sheaf Observance+ April 16
Pentecost*++ June 3
Feast of Trumpets* September 21
Day of Atonement * September 30
Feast of Tabernacles* October 5-11
The Last Great Day* October 12

*Begins just after sunset
+ Observed in the morning, first day of the week
++ Two loaves baked and waved before God in the morning, first day of the week

A day begins in darkness, and ends in light showing how sons of light defeat the forces of darkness. A day is from evening to evening, consisting of a dark and light portion that makes "one" single day.

New Moons Sightings in your area should be used to verify dates monthly.