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February 12, 2003 ©Homer Kizer
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Commentary — From the Margins Begins


In the conclusion of Holiness, Righteousness & the New Covenant, I wrote, "President Bush speaks of bringing democracy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is nothing more than the demonic king of the North muscling his ideology into the historic domain of the king of the South. War is inevitable as the geographic edges of the spiritual realms slip and slide as if these realms were tectonic plates. Boundaries are ideological, theological, so wars without winners can spill out of the margins and into heartlands. . . .

"In these margins where ideology overlaps culture, taboos are broken with impunity. Edges melt, at the boundaries of spiritual realms. But new edges will form, and can be mapped: possibly, both Iran and Turkey will align themselves with the king of the North as the new edges are extended.

"But the theology of lawlessness stretches across cultures as if it were a nylon stocking over the head of a thief. It masks the demon who will pose as the risen Christ. It conceals its fissures, where an attack might be launched. It deforms its edges along which war will eventually be waged. And it ensnares allies, absorbing them into a gelatinous colony of half-digested amebas. Nevertheless, the battle has been joined. The technology by which the king of the North devours with its iron teeth and bronze claws allows this beast's underbelly to be probed by printed words, each book like a flea that will eventually drive the beast insane."

When I wrote the above, I didn't understand that what the Church of God labels as "nominal Christianity" is the actual nation of spiritual Israel in captivity to the spiritual king of Babylon. Christ labels nominal Christianity as the "synagogue of Satan" (Rev 3:9), and as I better understand prophecy, I understand that Christ intends to liberate all of spiritual Israel from spiritual bondage just as YHWH through Moses liberated physical Israel from Egyptian slavery. This liberation will be the remembered event throughout Christ's Millennium reign. This is the Israel for which there is a highway built. This is the Israel that will live in and around spiritual Jerusalem, which has theological, not geographical coordinates.

Just as Hitler invaded Poland to gain a common border with the Soviet Union, the nation he intended to attack, President Bush will invade Iraq to establish a common border from which the Athenian values of America can be surgically inserted into Islamic cultures, which seem to revel in the warrior cult values of ancient Sparta. Yes, the spiritual entities that empowered Athens and Sparta and used those two poleis as living sets of tin soldiers are, today, restrained only by the dominance of the great horn, the firstborn son of the spiritual king of Greece. When he is supernaturally broken at the Passover that liberates spiritual Israel, the spiritual kings of the North and of the South will no longer be restrained, but will attack each other with a fury that would leave no flesh alive if those days were not shortened by Christ coming to fight as on a day of battle.

Armies surrounding Jerusalem is not a sign of Christ returning as the all-powerful Messiah, but of Him coming to slay the demonic king of the North on a day of battle, a day on which He takes 144,000 physical Israelites to a place of safety, the day on which He liberates all of humanity from spiritual bondage, the day on which Satan is cast from heaven and comes to earth, declaring himself to be Christ and requiring those who wish to serve him to accept the tattoo of the cross of Calvary. And many newly liberated humans will accept his slave mark, thereby returning themselves to the spiritual bondage with which they have grown comfortable and by which they have prospered materially. They will believe they are the true servants of God, and they will curse God when the Father's wrath rains down on them.

Today, the United States and a coalition of nations front for the spiritual king of Greece, who will establish a new world order, one that is spiritual but carries piggyback a secular manifestation, visible for all to see. It has been said that the 20th-Century was the American century—actually, it was the last century of the Medo-Persian ram that pushed north, and west, and south from Susa. The spiritual king of Greece will trample this ram, the symbolic representation of the spiritual sars that carry France, Germany, Russia, Greece, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and most of the world's nations. A he-goat flying out of the west is the symbolic representation of the new world order the United States will establish, a world order that isn't the production of the United Nations, or of a united Europe, but of the endtime descendants of the ancient house of Joseph, the patriarch who established Egyptian hegemony through the distribution of food.

While all eyes are on oil, oil production, and oil reserves, the theological successors of the Vandals shall overturn, again, their long time Trinitarian rivals by bartering food for spiritual servitude. That food is already stored and only awaits the ecological catastrophes that will make it valuable enough to cause hungry Trinitarians to sell the souls they think they have for bowls of porridge. But not enough food has been stored: the theological successors of the Vandals will be more successful than they have anticipated. More than half of the world's population will identify itself as part of greater spiritual Israel. So the means by which these neoVandals prevail will also be the cause of their tragic downfall.

The new world order that the United States and its allies establish will break as soon as it succeeds, leaving humanity to the merciless kings of the North and of the South. President Bush will only temporarily succeed in establishing an American hegemony in the Middle East. For a short while, though, we will be as successful as Alexander the Great.

I wrote the conclusion to Holiness in October 2002. It is now February 2003. What I needed in October was a common border from which to attack the theological synagogue of Satan. That border is the error of Bishop Arius.

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