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February 26, 2003 ©Homer Kizer
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Commentary — From the Margins

What the Watchmen Won't Tell You

Biblical watchmen are self-identified prophecy experts who feel compelled to warn nations, especially the United States, Great Britain and the former Commonwealth countries, that God's wrath is about to be fulfilled if the nations don't repent and return to obeying God. The underlying message of repentance is Scripturally valid. Divine wrath will occur against individuals, not nations, who are not in covenant with their Creator. So the premise under which the watchmen warn of God's wrath has merit, but these watchmen inevitably lack both divine inspiration and basic reading skills, as they shill for purveyors of accursed gospels that involve scaring converts into supporting efforts to warn the world about the evils of the New World Order, or the Roman Church, or a rearmed Germany. They find in the visions of Daniel, and in the vision of John the Scriptural passages they need to twist, as if these passages were pipe cleaners, into national alliances, each bent on the destruction of the United States. They joust with themselves, each a windmill grinding the good seed God planted into a gritty meal good for nothing. They come in as many styles and colors as GM cars, all with a spiritual I.Q. like a rock. They produce slick magazines, radio and television programs, and millions in tithes and offerings. But they will not tell you,

·    that neither Rome, the Roman Empire, the Roman Church, nor the Holy Roman Empire are mentioned in prophecy by either their ancient or by their modern names,     

·    that the mark of the beast is not 666, but Chi xi stigma, which can be read as Xx [tattoo] or the tattoo of Xx,

·    that Christ doesn't return when the armies surrounding Jerusalem are destroyed, but rather the true antiChrist is cast from heaven and arrives on earth when these armies are swallowed by the Mount of Olives,      

·    that there will be two antiChrists, the first the man of perdition (a possessed human being), and the second a supernatural being that poses as Christ and attempts to establish a millennial reign during a period of continuous war, 

·    that converting assets into gold and silver will not help a person, 

·    that the future leveraged commodity is food following a period of climatic catastrophes, including a meteor strike,  

·    that more than half of the world's population will self-identify itself as Christian in the first half of seven years of tribulation, 

·    that two individuals, like Moses and Aaron before, will lead these spiritual Israelites out of bondage to sin (i.e., lawlessness),   

·    that prophecies which had a physical fulfillment will have a "spiritual" fulfillment,    

·    that there will not again be a physical captivity of the descendants of the ancient houses of Israel and Judah,      

·    that spiritual Israel (i.e., the Body of Christ) divided into the spiritual house of Israel and the spiritual house of Judah, with both houses being taken into spiritual captivity centuries ago,    

·    that the prophecies about which the watchmen warn the modern descendants of the ancient houses of Israel and Judah have been both physically and spiritually fulfilled,  

·    that God will not in the future send the descendants of the ancient houses of Israel into national captivity.   


To teach that God the Father will bring about the loss of national sovereignty for any peoples prior to Christ's return as the all powerful Messiah is intellectually dishonest, Scripturally unsupportable, and is emotionally a form of terrorism. Such teaching reveals a lack of understanding of what constitutes the new covenant. Salvation is individual, not national. Ancient Israel was made a holy nation when the assembled nation agreed to the terms of the Sinai covenant, but this holy nation as covenantee broke its agreement and eventually killed the Covenantor. Spiritual Israel then replaced physical Israel as that holy nation, but spiritual Israel is not a genetically similar people identified by physical circumcision. Rather, it is a nation composed of theologically similar people from all ethnic origins, people whose hearts and minds have been circumcised by having the law of God written on them, a euphemism for having received the Holy Spirit. And spiritual Israel divided into two houses and was sent into theological captivity in the 4th-Century for the same reasons that ancient, physical Israel had previously been sent into national captivity in the 7th and 8th centuries BCE.

The watchmen are only sixteen centuries late with their warning for Israel to repent and return to the covenant relationship into which a drawn disciple is placed when the disciple receives the Holy Spirit.

Today, in the 21st-Century, biblical prophecy must be understood from the perspective of a spiritual plane, which will affect the physical world and secular politics. God and Christ's focus, though, isn't physically circumcised Israel, but spiritual Israel — the Body of Christ. Yes, events will affect geographical Jerusalem, but theological Jerusalem is of more importance. When the spiritual Moses and Aaron, the two witnesses of the Book of Revelation, lead spiritual Israel out of sin and into the wilderness on the way to the promised land, their destination will be spiritual Jerusalem, not any particular set of geographical coordinates.

Theoretical Marxism will be able to offer a reasonable explanation for every single event leading up to the splitting of the Mount of Olives halfway through a seven year Tribulation. But even Marxist academicians will then accept the tattoo of the Cross of Calvary, for which no universally valid economic explanation exists, or they, too, will begin their journey towards spiritual Jerusalem, where I will leave the light on as was done along the underground railroad for escaping slaves.

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"Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved."