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March 7, 2003 ©Homer Kizer
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Commentary — From the Margins

The Case Against Iraq

Last night, President Bush firmly and solemnly established the case that nothing short of overturning the existing government in Iraq will satisfy the United States' need for and sense of national safety. His mindset, his administration's mindset changed with the attack of 9/11. Containment was no longer a strategic option. The President said that he swore on the Bible to protect this country, our Constitution, me. And I wonder if he realizes that the decisions he will make, and the actions he will take during the next few weeks and months will impact national sovereignty and individual safety more than the collective decisions and actions by all preceding Presidents; yet, he probably has no choice about what he will do. If he does nothing, there will be another Islamic provocation. And if whoever is then President does nothing, there will be another until we fly out of the west to trample the physical remains of the Medo Persia Empire, thereby instituting a new world order and ushering in what would be the American Century if it were not the time of the end, that period in history when one age ends and another begins.

Today, a clear division about how to read biblical prophecies has become apparent: the watchmen of all denominational flavors see in France's, Germany's, and Russia's opposition to a war in Iraq the rise of a unified Europe that will eventually unite with the Roman Church to become the dominant superpower in the world, the beast power that will impose peace in the Middle East through a man declaring himself god, thereby forcing everyone to take the mark of the beast in order to buy and sell. They see every world event through Cardinal Red glasses, and they couldn't be more blind. Europe will not prevail, but will become irrelevant if it doesn't join with the United States in establishing a democratic hegemony throughout the Islamic world, a hegemony that has within itself the seeds of its own destruction.

Moses set forth two guidelines for prophets: first, the prophecy the prophet spoke must come to pass; and second, the prophet must not cause the people to go after strange gods. Three and a half millennia later, the office of prophet has fallen on hard times. With no new prophecies being recorded since the reigns of the Caesars, and with each wouldbe prophecy expert reassembling poorly deconstructed Scriptures according to his or her denominational exegesis, wouldbe prophets and prophecy experts should thank God that community sanctioned stoning is no longer practiced. For too long, the Roman Church has been Protestantism's boogyman. Each Pope was potentially the man of perdition. The sacramental wine he drank was the blood of Protestant saints. The whore of Revelation chapter 17—the great city that rules over the kings of the earth—was Rome, even though the name on her forehead reads, Babylon the great.

If we were to apply the same standards of getting it right to prophecy experts as were applied to prophets, we would find that the experts are false, each worthy of being stoned. Not one of them who finds Rome, the Roman Church, or the Holy Roman Empire in the prophecies of Daniel or Revelation is genuine. All are impostors. All will be blindsided by the spectacular ascendancy of an American religion that holds the error of Bishop Arius, a religion that will leverage food into discipleship.

But before food shortages occur, the United States, with or without a supporting coalition, will, as the fronting nation for the spiritual king of Greece, will fly out of the west to trample the nations fronting for the spiritual sar of the kingdom of Persia, which is an extension of spiritual Babylon. While rifle shots might only be exchanged in the Persian Gulf region, real war is being waged between fallen angels in the spiritual realm. France, Germany, Russia, modern Greece, Iraq, even the United Nations itself—all are fronting nations for the spiritual sar of Persia, and for the world order that he has established.

Intellectual Modernism and Post-Modernism require lip service be given to the idea that humanity is the master of its own destiny, but at best the idea is only partially true. Individually, we have free will; collectively, we execute schemata beyond our control. Historic events often seem to have lives of their own. These events overtake the individuals involved, as if the individuals were lab mice responding to outside stimuli—and we are, according to the concept of "deity." We are airbreathing tin soldiers, positioned here, moved there, advanced, retreated, arrayed in this formation, or that one. Can President Bush not overturn the existing world order? No, not really. He might not want to, but forces beyond his control are, indeed, at work.

Until the time of the Gentiles runs its course, the kingdoms of the world aren't of God, regardless of how much we want them to be. The ruler of this world is the devil, who desperately wants one of his organizational constructs to vindicate his rebellion against the Most High God. But he reaps what he sowed: he sowed rebellion, and is now reaping rebellion. And concerning the spiritual sar of Persia/Babylon, the Most High God inspired Daniel to write, "when he has become strong through his riches" (Dan 11:3), this sar shall provoke the spiritual king of Greece, causing this enraged angelic king to trample the Persian sar (Dan 8:7), as one world order is replaced by a short-lived another. The provoking has occurred, and was cited by President Bush as having changed our perspective about handling future security threats.

The Most High God sealed the visions of Daniel with a partial physical fulfillment of the longest and most detailed prophecy in the Bible. The biblical watchmen and wouldbe prophecy experts recognize this fulfillment, and thereby fail to realize that the prophecies are records of events in the spiritual realm occurring today and in the near future. Endtime prophecies are the revealing of what happens and will happen in an unfurled dimension that we cannot enter to make observations and calculations. Except by revelation, we would not even know of the existence of this spiritual dimension, and only by faith will we give credence to revelations about what occurs in this dimension. Without faith, God doesn't exist for us, even though He will forcibly make His existence known at the conclusion of this age.

Because the watchmen explicate prophecies they can neither read, nor understand, they kill the faith of wannabe disciples through their errant explications. The watchmen can only cry, Rome, a limited number of times before they cause biblical prophecies to be dismissed as so much hooey. Whereas the recording, sealing, and revealing of age-ending events should cause doubters to reconsider their denial of God's existence, the watchmen have produced the opposite effect, leaving all of us to deal with being intellectually discredited whenever we introduce biblical prophecy into a serious discussion of historic events.

But we are living through a pivotal moment in prophecy: the spiritual king of Greece will prevail against the sar of Persia. One world order will replace another. Democracy and what we regard as democratic ideals will sweep all other contenders from the arena of ideas. But shortly after establishing an American hegemony, the first horn or great horn of the spiritual king of Greece will be broken in the manner that Alexander the Great's reign was broken when he had no more world's to conquer. From that first horn's breakage will come two ten-nation coalitions, one Islamic, one "Christian" and headed by Russia. Both coalitions will be fronts for the spiritual rulers known as the kings of the South and of the North. The United States might or might not be a part of the demonic king of the North's coalition. I suspect we will be, but we really don't want to be.

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