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March 9, 2003 © Homer Kizer
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Commentary — From the Margins

A Texan in the Whitehouse

Nearly three months ago, Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, in his message delivered during services on A Night to Honor Israel, held in Washington D.C., said, concerning Saddam Hussein, "There's a Texan in the Whitehouse who will take you down." Pastor Hagee received tremendous applause. The Honorable Tom DeLay, then newly elected Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, raised his fist in agreement. Someone in the tradition of Texas John Slaughter, Ranger, rancher, and Indian fighter, was going after the bad guys—and the American monomyth of one man against the wilderness, subduing all obstacles, conquering all foes, prevailing despite overwhelming odds encapsuled the spirit of the coming new world order, which won'thave the United States surrendering national sovereignty to last century's Globalists, but will see an American hegemony similar to Alexander the Great's established at least as far East as the Indus Valley. And like the short-lived reign of Alexander, when no more worlds remain to be subdued, this American hegemony will be broken, not by military defeat, but because the spiritual power behind it is broken. From the breaking of this newly created world order will arise two competing powers, one a ten-nation Islamic coalition consisting of five weak nations and five strong, joined weak to strong as if married. The other will be a ten-nation coalition headed by Christianity's man of perdition. And more than two billion people will die during the ensuing world war.

The inherent problem faced by those who explicate biblical prophecy is understanding that endtime visions are about supernatural powers that cannot be seen or interviewed by CNN reporters. When prophecy experts attempt to impose their understanding of previously sealed texts onto physical nations and peoples, misunderstanding cannot help but occur. As I write this, real war is being waged in thespiritual realm—and God the Father and His Messiah, Christ Jesus, aren't attempting tostop that war. This war is between the spiritual king of Greece and the spiritual sar of the kingdom of Persia/Babylon, the present ruler of the world. The war isn't fought with geographical front lines, but with ideological jousting for philosophical supremacy. Whereas democracy and the elevation of individual rights had been only one of many competing ideological paradigms, this paradigm will soon trample all others, or so now unsealed biblical prophecies assert.

Prophecy experts, like prophets of old, are both false and genuine. The same test of will what they say come to pass can be used to determine genuineness. So today, while spiritual war is being supernaturally waged with the outcome not yet certain, the readings and understanding of prophecy experts can be tested. Will future events—not generations in the future, but this year and next—prove or disprove the prophetic readings of this biblical expert, or that one?

Because I either have (my claim) or haven't been spiritually given the task of reading prophecy, I will pit my understanding of what happens over the course of the next couple of years against every prophecy expert who contends that Europe will unite and will enter the Middle East to establish peace. Europe appears more likely to unite and prevail against the United States than at anytime in the past century. If a person were to bet upon future events based upon the two divisions of Rome forming the legs of the image of Nebuchadnezzar's vision, the person should, today, pit his or her understandingagainst mine—and the person will lose.

Europe and the United Nations will either join with the United States or become irrelevant in the new world order that will be established, not by old world Globalists, but by democratic idealists. Of course, this overturning of the existing world order isn't just secular: Trinitarian Christianity will be compromised by denominations originating in America, and holding the error of Bishop Arius. Food will be the leveraged commodity; for with the breaking of the new American hegemony will come ecological catastrophes that will reduce global food production by more than a third. The Roman Church won't be the unifying force behind a united Europe, but will actually be surpassed in membership and power by an American denomination.

I will go on the record even farther: all of Christianity is spiritual Israel, and except for a remnant, is in spiritual captivity just as the physical descendants of the patriarch Israel were enslaved in Egypt. Those ancient Israelites were liberated when Moses and Aaron lead them out of Egypt and into the promised land. Spiritual Israel will be philosophically or theologically liberated when a latter day Moses and Aaron lead them out of spiritual bondage to sin/lawlessness. That liberation occurs immediately following the breaking of the spiritual king of Greece's first horn and the killing of all spiritual firstborns who are not covered by the Passover blood of Christ. Spiritual Israelites must take the Passover as instituted by Jesus.

That American monomyth of one man against the wilderness began with my ancestors, and with President Bush's—both of us descending from the same cabin boy who left Holland for the opportunities afforded by religious individualism. As the President uses the myth's vernacular to say, referring to Islamic terrorists, "We're on their trail, we're smokin' them out, we've got 'em on the run," I use the myth's inherent truth to engage and eventually subdue the prophetic wilderness, painted cardinal red, and where wouldbe experts howl like coyotes, their yips hauntingly loud inside Cornerstone Church, San Antonio.

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