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March 18, 2003 ©Homer Kizer
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Commentary — From the Margins

The Demise of Diplomacy

French defense of the status quo wasn’t effective. Out of the West has ridden a cowboy turned marshal who has given the black-hatted villain forty-eight hours to get out of town. This is the plot of many westerns I watched during Saturday afternoon matinees: for ten cents, I saw Roy Rogers, or Gene Autry, or the Cisco Kid right wrongs, protect women and children, defeat the arrogant and defend the defenseless. This is what the United Nations was created to do, but championing the cause of the little guy is a quixotic application of justice, requiring from all parties involved the values of muscular Christendom. When member nations are tolerant of duplicity or reluctant to act, the UN becomes a Parliament of Fowls, where no mate for the eagle roosts.

The French cannot help themselves: they are the unknowing front nation of the existing world order, representing “old Europe” and centuries of civilized development. They span both the republicanism of the United States and the colonialism of Europe. Remembering having had colonies in Asia, Africa, and America, they are globalists, practiced at savior-faire. They would never think of wearing a white Stetson and tooled leather boots to an affair of state, let alone to the liberation of an oppressed people. They are not American, not cowboys, not a superpower. Yet, they are the best that the spiritual sar of Persia/Babylon can send to battle the nations fronting for the spiritual king of Greece, with the United States being the principle power in the world today.

The United States and President Bush didn’t set out to front for the spiritual king of Greece: the battle being fought between the spiritual king of Greece and Persia has no geographical or national boundaries. When a person realizes that this war is fought without an established frontline, then the person can begin to comprehend how endtime prophecies are being and will be fulfilled. Yes, there will be a physical fulfillment: the United States and its coalition allies will trample Iraq, and will bring democracy to the Arab world, but little French, German, or Russian blood will be shed as these fronting nations for the king of Persia are utterly defeated. These nations will either belatedly support an American hegemony in the region and throughout the world, or they will complain to themselves about the United States going it alone.

Last century’s biblical watchmen would have us fear a union of European nations as the final revival of the Holy Roman Empire, but the Roman Empire isn’t mentioned anywhere in biblical prophecy. Insertion of Rome, the Roman Empire, or Roman Church into prophetic passages is adding to Scripture. The person who finds Rome in endtime prophecies is always a false prophet, or a false teacher, who has taken upon himself the plagues of the Book.

Harsh words? How can I say that Rome isn’t mentioned prophetically when every commentary has the two legs of the image Nebuchadnezzar saw as the two divisions of Rome; plus, commentaries have the fourth beast of Daniel being the Roman Empire. But where in Scripture is Rome mentioned? Babylon is mentioned, as is Media Persia, Greece, and the four divisions of Greece. Those four divisions quickly become two, and these two divisions are the two legs of the image that is Babylon, named for its head. Greece’s reign extends down into the thighs—the division of the kingdom is during Greece’s reign. And about Greece, Daniel tells Nebuchadnezzar that this kingdom shall rule the world. The fourth kingdom is divided from its conception. It never rules the world. Thus, the person who identifies this fourth kingdom as the Roman Empire is false. I cannot say this more bluntly: And with both guns blazing, I leave diplomacy to die a messy death in a French alley where Algerians whet their knives.

Rome is not directly mentioned in biblical prophecy. The two legs of Babylon are the two theocracies empowered by the kings of the North and of the South. The king of the North backs Christendom; the king of the South is the spiritual power behind Islam. Both powers are part of the dragon’s rebelling coalition, but they do not like each other, and have periodically fought the other as far back as Athens and Sparta. They will again fight during the first half of the Tribulation.

Before the kings of the North and the South empower two ten-nation coalitions (each coalition will have five strong nations and five weak, strong joined to weak as if married to form five toes of iron and clay), the spiritual king of Greece will fly out of the west to establish a short-lived, new world order. This is where we are right now in endtime prophecy. A battle in the spiritual realm is occurring between the king of Greece and the spiritual sar of Persia/Babylon, who, increased with wealth, pushed at Greece. Because of the vision of Daniel at Susa, we know what the outcome of this battle will be: the he-goat, white Stetson on his single horn, tramples the ram; no one can save the spiritual sar of Persia. Both France and Russia are on the wrong side, but then, they wouldn’t believe they are earthly puppets for spiritual powers even if someone told them.

The concept of deity is more encompassing than even Christian apologists comprehend: I can turn on Christian radio nearly anytime, day or night, and within a few minutes here a version of God has a plan for you, and God is in charge of what happens here on earth. Both statements are true, but only partially convey the truth. YHWH sent both houses of Israel into physical captivity because of unbelief that became disobedience. Both went after foreign gods, would not keep His commandments, and profaned His Sabbaths. Both serve as the shadow of spiritual Israel, who went after Platonism, adopted a theology of lawlessness, and profaned the Father’s Sabbaths by ignoring the annual festivals, ignoring new moons, and changing the weekly Sabbath from the seventh day to the eighth. Spiritual Israel did what physical Israel did. So, for the same reasons that YHWH sent both houses of circumcised Israel into captivity the Father sent both houses of spiritual Israel into spiritual captivity. The Father has that prerogative, and He exercised it. Yes, He is in charge. Yes, He can liberate humanity whenever He pleases. And we see that liberation occurring in the middle of seven years of tribulation. But until then, Satan remains the prince of this world, and the vast majority of spiritual Israel remains deceived by him; thus, both the world and spiritual Israel remain in spiritual captivity.

I will anger many sincere but deceived Christians when I assert that they are in spiritual captivity. Their first impulse will be to reject everything I write. They are free to do so, and they will thereby affirm their captivity.

Tell me, spiritual Israel, if you can, what are the terms of the new covenant? As a spiritual Israelite, you are being judged by those terms. So if you don’t know what those terms are, don’t you suppose you should find out; for the Father didn’t write His laws on your hearts and minds to have you ignore the fine print. Paul’s law of faith will have you keeping everything written in the Book of Deuteronomy. The law that has been abolished is the Sinai covenant. The second or Moab covenant was made with physically uncircumcised Israelites. You, regardless of the status of your foreskin, are physically uncircumcised Israelites under the second covenant, who are about to enter the Promised Land. You were not called to become spiritual Gentiles, but spiritual Israelites, whose hearts and minds have been circumcised.

Diplomacy would have me pedal softly around your lawlessness, your profaning of God’s Sabbaths, your pursuit of other gods. Diplomacy would have me discussing the areas in which we agree. Diplomacy would have me check my guns at the edge of town. But prophecy says that even after a third of humanity dies, you will still worship idols and demons (Rev 9:20). You didn’t suddenly start worshiping demons, but have been all along. So, will diplomacy get your attention? Did the weapons inspectors get Saddam to disarm? Maybe you’d like me to take the French approach and ask the king of Babylon for a little more time for you to get “right” with God. If you aren’t right now, you won’t get right by continuing to do what you have been doing.

Diplomacy on my part isn’t showing you love. Judgment is upon you today. Your theology of lawlessness will result in you being called least in the kingdom of heaven, despite all of the good works and mighty deeds you have done in Christ’s name. Why should you settle for being least? Why not begin keeping, by faith, the laws of God that have been written on your hearts and minds.

Diplomacy is for negotiating from a position of strength—and there can be no negotiating with sin, which is simple lawlessness (1 John 3:4).

I don’t have a white Stetson or tooled leather boots with Spanish rowels. I don’t have time to give (only God can give time). I don’t have absolutions. I was called to take a fight to a spiritual Goliath. I wasn’t called to be a diplomat. As such, I share with the President that American monomyth of one man taming the wilderness, where diplomacy hangs lonely on cholla cacti thorns, looking for all the world like the white flag of a surrendering Iraqi. So what if the French take their roosters and go home. The eagles can then soar.

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