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April 21, 2003 ©Homer Kizer
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Commentary — From the Margins

Committing Philosophical Suicide

When Rush Limbaugh asked how moronic does Gary Camilla, executive editor for Salon.com, have to be to admit that more casualties would have been preferred in Iraq to any victory boosting President Bush’s reelection chances, Limbaugh correctly observed that opponents of the new American hegemony are committing political suicide. These liberal opponents of America’s use of its military, political and economic power have strapped on spiritual suicide belts. Their targets are the miss-aligned emotions of a generation fearful of any display of force, whether by a parent or a nation. And as if under direct orders from the soon to be defeated spiritual sar of Persia, these culturally-imbedded liberals are blowing themselves up while doing minimum damage to forces fronting for the spiritual king of Greece.

Those who have been either politically conservative or religious, or both, have known for decades that the world’s cultural elite despise the use of force to advance democracy, Capitalism, or Christianity. The double Cs are, for them, the source of the illness that prevents world harmony. They understand the use of force by third-world despots to resist what they perceived as imperialistic exploitation; they understand the use of force by the Communist representatives of peoples repressed by Christianity to achieve mental liberation. But America’s use of force was never understandable, except maybe in WWII when Fascism threatened Communism as well as Capitalism.

The social constructs by which the intellectual elite of this world identify Philistines are as twisted as beanstalks a gardener neglects to trellis. The nightlife of Amsterdam is, for the elite, preferable to Sabbath mornings in Springfield, Missouri, where the Bible Belt is said to buckle. Global warming is, for them, of greater concern than aborted fetuses that should have a Constitutional “right to life.” Universal health care to treat the effects of fornication and French fries should, they believe, replace the existing Second Amendment as firearms join fetuses in dumpsters that can no longer be taken to landfills from Massachusetts to Maryland.

The world’s elite are pink to their spoiled core. They sire watermelons, and squire Barbie dolls, and hire hand puppets to reign over feelings and the Federal largess—a hand puppet with a blue dress in tow mumbled, while abroad, treasonous sweet-nothings to its puppeteers, and only right-wing wackos seemed to care.

But the landlord of the elite’s mental topographies made a mistake. He became rich enough he thought he could mock a member of his ruling coalition. He ridiculed the American monomyth of one man against all odds taming the wilderness. He ridiculed the Greek concept of family values that stretches from ancient Athens to the former American vice-president who dared criticize having a child out of wedlock. He ridiculed Capitalism, and all of its associated constructs. And while he was busy mocking the spiritual king of Greece, nineteen Islamic fundamentalists flew three planes into buildings and would have flown a fourth into the Capitol if they could’ve.

In a vision for “the time of the end” (Dan 8:17), the archangel Gabriel revealed to the prophet Daniel what would happen at the end of this present age in the spiritual realm or dimension that humanity cannot enter to make measurements. Of course, not everyone agrees that such a dimension exists outside of space-time, but acceptance of this dimension is the essence of Christian apologetics. The God of the patriarch Abraham wasn’t a created entity of sticks or stones or even of flesh. This deity’s claim was that He created all that can be observed, and that He revealed through His prophets the course of human affairs beforehand. The cultural elite, however, can hardly contain their rage when someone injects biblical prophecy into serious discussions of world affairs, such is their loathing of Christianity in particular, and religion in general. Yet they are the ones who worry most about overpopulation and dwindling resources; they are the ones who advocate eliminating forty percent of humanity, which is what the prophesied events at the end of this age will do. They just don’t want to surrender to a deity that defines love with, Thou shall not…

While some will agree that there are life forms in a dimension beyond our four, few will agree that these life forms influence human affairs. Still fewer understand that the mental topography of every human is the contested territory over which these life forms reign. And very few comprehend that wars, battles, rebellions in this dimension beyond the fourth cast shadows in the affairs of humanity while also being manifest in human activities. This is correct: phenomena in this spiritual realm doubly effect humanity. These phenomena both cast shadows in the observable dimensions as well as cause physical events to occur when the phenomena occur. Thus, the battle presently being fought between the spiritual king of Greece and the spiritual sar of the kingdom of Persia cast its shadow in the military successes of Alexander the Great. But this battle is for the mental landscapes of humanity. Therefore, in addition to casting a shadow that conveys our sense of “shadowing”—as three dimensional life forms, humans cast two-dimensional non-living shadows that are connected in the fourth dimension of space-time—this war between fallen angels manifests itself through how it effects the mindsets of all humanity today. These fallen angels possess life in the spiritual realm, or in the vernacular of Christianity, these angels have eternal life in heaven. Humanity has no life beyond its breath. The gift of God is eternal life. The wages of sin is death, not eternal life in hell. Therefore, in relation to the life angelic beings have, humans are as lifeless as our shadows are.

God the Father and Christ are the light source that cause shadows of phenomena in the spiritual realm to be cast into the affairs of men—and Scriptural passages that traditionally have been regarded as strictly metaphoric can be now perceived as descriptive, within the limitations of human thought and language. Theoretical Physics struggles with language to expound what can be seen mathematically. Religion has the language, but uses it without sufficient discipline to capitalize on the concepts that are linguistically present in prophecy. Therefore, each largely dismisses the other. All the while angelic beings reign over the mental topography of humanity, empowering the cultural elite while mocking Christ by turning the means of murdering Him into the icon of belief in Him.

The effect of the present war between the spiritual king of Greece and the sar of Persia is manifest in the actions of the United Nations, the primary human institution by which the spiritual sar of Persia has sought to demonstrate that his organizational schema for society will produce world harmony. When each of these fallen angels joined Satan’s rebellion, each was convinced that there was a better way to construct society than the way God the Father dictated. The time of the Gentiles is that portion of the human historical record during which these fallen angels receive their chance to demonstrate their ideas. This period began with neo-Babylon occupation of Jerusalem, and will continue until halfway through seven years of tribulation. So the emergence of an American hegemony isn’t because God the Father wanted to remove a truly evil man from power, but because the spiritual king of Greece realized that if he didn’t take control of spiritual Babylon, God the Father would be proved right. This demonic king of Greece is certain that his ideals of democracy and individual rights will produce world harmony. Thus, he has to (and is into the process of doing) overturn the existing world order, and establish a new one brought about by America’s military successes in Afghanistan and Iraq, and by America’s, Britain’s, and New Europe’s political successes against old Europe and the cultural elite. Humanity can expect to see ancient Athenian values become universal for a short while, here, at the beginning of the 21st-Century.

Perhaps the most difficult concept to convey to a person is that he or she doesn’t own the mental landscape from which the person’s thoughts sprout, take root and grow. A major premise of Christianity is that Satan instills evil desires in a person that must be overcome. This concept, though, while possessing a small amount of merit, is factually flawed. A person’s thoughts are the person’s with few exceptions. However, the mental landscape, or logjam of social constructs from which thoughts originate is controlled topography, so that the weed seeds of rebellion that Satan sowed throughout the spiritual realm can be sprouted and rooted out. This landscape has been the battlefield over which spiritual forces have warred with each other for millennia, and the message at the core of Christianity is that Christ will retake these fields when He comes to reign as the King of kings. His millennial reign isn’t about Him sitting on a physical throne as a physical king. Rather, He will rule over the mental landscape of all humanity. For a thousand years, there will be no thoughts of rebellion, or of breaking the laws of God. The underlying social constructs of the Millennium will have humanity desiring to obey God, desiring to practice love, desiring to do those things that are right even when no one is looking. The human tendency to rebel against authority comes from humanity’s mental landscapes being enemy-occupied territory.

The thoughts of every person are as weeds or wheat. Today, a person, unless drawn by God the Father (John 6:44, 65), is actually hostile to God and to His laws. This person cannot obey God (Rom 8:7). This person isn’t even interested in finding out whether there is a God that reigns over the affairs of humanity. This person’s thoughts are weeds that might be pruned and cropped, but the landscapes on which these thoughts grow will not allow thoughts about obeying God to sprout.

When Christ reigns as the Messiah, ownership of human landscapes changes. Now, thoughts of rebellion cannot sprout. An individual’s thoughts will be as wheat, in that a person will desire to bear much fruit. His or her thoughts will sprout in soil that encourages a person to keep the laws of God. This person’s mental topography will be toxic to weed seeds.

The cultural elite have been empowered for centuries by the spiritual sar of Persia, the reason why they are the cultural elite. But this fallen angel will be trampled by the spiritual king of Greece until he is no more—again, this trampling is presently occurring. How long it will take cannot be known, but its shadow has Alexander overrunning the world (minus China) in eleven years. So this trampling won’t last long. When it is finished, there will be an American hegemony that will elevate democracy and individual rights, including for the unborn. The Christianity of today will experience a revival like none it has ever known. Within a very few years, half or more of the world’s population will profess Christ. And denominations that have their roots in the United States will dominate this revival, much to the chagrin of disenfranchised liberals.

As Saddam Hussein and his son ordered suicide belts for themselves in case they were captured, the cultural elite have strapped on the intellectual equivalent—and they are blowing them up at an astonishing rate. Gary Camilla said, “I have at times as the war has unfolded secretly wished for things to go wrong. I wished for the Iraqis to be more nationalistic. I wished for them to resist longer. I wished for the Arab world to rise up in rage. I wished for all the things we feared would happen. And I'm not alone. A number of serious, intelligent, morally sensitive people who opposed the war have told me they've had identical feelings.” He certainly saved the spiritual king of Greece from having to use a smart bomb to neutralize him.

Limbaugh, who needs to untie that hand he has behind his back, couldn’t be more correct in his assessment of what these elitists are doing. The only problem is that Limbaugh doesn’t yet realize that his mental topography has been the property of the king of Greece’s for years. He is a primary advocate for the king he serves, which isn’t Christ, but rather the he-goat that flies out of the west to trample the ram in the vision that placed the prophet Daniel near Susa, the touchdown point for the earthly military power fronting for this spiritual king of Greece.

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"Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved."