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Commentary — From the Margins

A Wind of Change

In his article, “Another Wall Falls” (posted 4/28/2003 MSN) Christopher Hitchens wrote, “Along with the slow but now unstoppable movement among the Palestinians for a democratic ‘civil society’…this sudden development in Cyprus shows that there is indeed a ‘wind of change’ blowing in the Middle East.” The sudden development was Turkey lifting the barrier that has cut Cyprus in two for thirty years. Hitchens is, of course, correct. From his perspective as a secular journalist experienced in the region, he realizes that extraordinary events are occurring. The political status quo is being overturned by forces that Hitchens identifies as “serious pressure from below.”

But those forces aren’t really from below if the Renaissance hierarchy of power is applied to the origins of these democratic pressures for change.

A difficult concept for educated individuals in all cultures to accept is that humanity’s mental topography is itself a battlefield for which control is fought. It is far easier for someone educated unto unbelief (from Matthew Arnold’s “Stanzas from the Grand Chartreuse”) to not believe in the existence of another dimension in which our universe is a partially unfurled ball than it is to believe, especially when that dimension is described by a “religious” signifier. Hard physical evidence to prove or disprove the existence of such a dimension is difficult to come-by. Anecdotal evidence is never conclusive. So faith, the domain of religion, enters the equation.

Samuel Johnson’s kicking of a rock as a rebuttal to Kant introduced an element of inconsistency into Western philosophy that comes forward as the acceptance that the center doesn’t hold, with Yate’s widely anthologized poem, “The Second Coming” becoming the epitome of this inconsistency. I addressed, more than a decade ago, this concept in the following lines of “Library” (from Upriver, Beyond the Bend):

                         … I'm that gun,

a replica of my own construction,

seven lands, seven grooves, gouged

by a single hook, shimmed with paper.

My center holds a patched ball:

To look down the hole requires faith

no one will pull the trigger.

Faith is always central to “fact.” Dr. Johnson’s damaged foot required him to accept by faith that his life wasn’t a dream similar to Borge’s “Secret Miracle.” But faith isn’t usually fore-grounded in discussions of levers and pulleys. However, when theoretical Physics approximates the mathematics to verify aspects of M-Theory, or Superstring Theory, Physics and religion come together in an odd partnership where Christianity actually possesses the key bits of knowledge needed to explain a surprisingly simple design encoded in the complexity of life itself. But facts are always dependent upon faith.

If someone required every person alive to stand erect, and if this someone then constructed a grid that included everyone, a grid that stretched from person to person at brain level along two-axis, this someone would create a physical topography that approximates the mental topography of humanity. Now if this someone stood on a platform higher than every other person, with this someone’s back to the sun, this person would cast a lifeless shadow over the grid he or she painstakingly constructed—and if the sun were low on the horizon, the shadow would stretch long across this grid.

The four “unfurled” dimensions Superstring physicists recognize are really only partially unfurled in another dimension that Christian apologists identify as heaven. Our universe for all of its vastness is as a spaceship in the heavenly realm. And how these Superstring physicists understand the multiple dimensions beyond our four, dimensions that are theoretically still “furled,” needs to be applied looking in the other direction. When that understanding is applied, then they (or we) can begin to comprehend the proportional relationship between the physical creation and the realm of spirit, which humanity cannot enter to make observations or measurements.

In this heavenly realm, life forms reign over the mental topography of humanity. This is what was secreted and sealed until the time of the end (Dan 12:4, 9). This is what has been revealed, and this is what the faith of those who have been educated unto unbelief will not allow them to accept, regardless of whether that education is secular or theological. For humanity is unwilling to identify itself as a race of lab mice. The logjam of social constructs that allow philosophers to speculate about the nature of existence virtually requires humans to believe they are the masters of their own minds. Yet we recognize that unwanted thoughts, such as depression, can be biologically produced. And if thoughts are subject to chemical imbalances, what exists to preclude them from being either the direct production of, or effected by life forms in another dimension?

Nothing. This is why silent prayers are as effective as voiced supplications. This is how that old dragon, Satan, deceives the entire world (Rev 12:9). He rules this world, but no human sees him at this time. He reigns by controlling humanity’s mental topographical grid—the minds he rules are actually hostile to God, and His laws (Rom 8:7). And a person can determine whether he or she is in mental bondage to this old dragon by the person’s attitude toward living by the laws of God (i.e., everything written in the Book of Deuteronomy). There are few individuals today who willingly live by the Apostle Paul’s “law of faith” (Rom 3:27) that becomes his “righteousness that comes from faith” (Rom 10:6–8), which is the second covenant of Moses (Deu chptrs 29–31) made with physically uncircumcised Israelites (Jos 5:2–7) who have had their hearts and minds circumcised (Deu 30:6). The new covenant, mediated by Jesus Christ, has the laws of God written on the hearts and minds of disciples (Jer 31:33; Heb 8:10 & 10:16), which is what it means to receive the Holy Spirit. To ignore those laws, or to attempt to erase them grieves the Holy Spirit.

Life forms in this heavenly dimension have control of the logjam of social constructs that form the mental topographical grid of humanity. They have had control from the beginning; hence, the logic for the concept of “god.”

Whether a person creates god in his or her image, as when Athena sprang from the forehead of Zeus, or whether God creates humans in His image (Gen 1:27), the concept of “god” itself is the germination, sprouting, rooting, and maturing of human thought in the landscape of whomever controls the topographical grid where the thought originates. When Nietzsche prematurely pronounced the concept dead, he revealed his failure to grasp the essence of the concept. Humanity will either worship as god the deity that began the process of unfurling our four dimensions, or demons, or the works of human hands (Rev 9:20). The face of the god humanity worships occasionally changes, but not human beings’ need to worship a god.

What the visions of Daniel reveal is that the old dragon, Satan, heads a coalition of rebelling life forms in this heavenly realm that humanity cannot enter. War has been fought between coalition members this spring, with the spiritual king of Greece trampling the prince of Persia. God and Christ have allotted a certain period of time to these fallen angels for them to demonstrate to all observers, angelic and human, their ideas of how society should be organized. And with the king of Greece prevailing against the prince of Persia, the mental topography of humanity will be plowed and replanted with democratic ideals. The values of ancient Athens will prevail worldwide. We should expect a democratic wind of change to breathe new life into repressed societies although Iran can expect this wind to come as a tornado.

Christopher Hitchens describes what the visions of Daniel reveal. However, since most “prophecy experts” are mired in the intellectual mud of a revived Europe as a continuation of the Holy Roman Empire, they will be as Noah’s neighbors were when the fountains of the deep broke. They are intellectually unable to grasp the concept that the shadow of this spring’s struggle in the heavenly realm coupled to the prophesied phenomenon that was to occur in “the time of the end” (Dan 8:17) reveals the typology Jonathon Edwards intuited but was unable to explain. We see how this battle in the heavenly realm effects mindsets: one day President Bush was ready to go it alone against Iraq; the next day, he was back in the U.N., ready to give inspectors additional time. French national leaders shill for the spiritual prince of Persia. The U.N. has been this prince of Persia’s best hope to produce world harmony, so the U.N. has been the greatest human obstacle to the king of Greece. Same for the liberal media in all forms—their mindsets have been directly influenced by the spiritual prince of Persia.

Humanity has no smart bombs that will kill fallen angels, or even influence them in the heavenly realm. But strivings of these fallen angels influence human affairs, because they presently control humanity’s mental topography. Halfway through seven years of tribulation, the kingdom of the world will become the kingdom of the Most High and His Messiah (Rev 11:15). Satan will be cast out of heaven (12:9). Then, all of humanity will be mentally liberated from bondage to sin. Satan, as the true antiChrist, will have to use physical means to recapture his former slaves, the logic behind the mark of the beast. He will be here on earth as a spirit being, and he will control the world’s economic systems. But every person who endures in faith (i.e., not accepting the mark of the beast) will be saved, will have a place in the resurrection to life.

I have beat this drum about the mark of the beast many times. But those individuals who have been educated unto unbelief will label what I write as pseudo-science, or heresy, or an even worse signifier. So I will place a revelation on the line: at a particular hour that corresponds to when the second Passover occurs, all firstborn offspring, physical and spiritual, not cover by the Blood of the Lamb of God will be slain.

If you are a firstborn educated unto unbelief, you will die the hour of this second Passover just as did the firstborn of Egyptian livestock—and so will your firstborn son or daughter.

If you think Jonathon Edwards’ hell held terror, think about you, or your firstborn being slain by the death angels of God, who has claim to all life that opens a womb. He hasn’t exercised that claim for millennia. But He will in this time of the end.

 The slaying of Egyptian firstborns is the shadow of what will occur in the spiritual realm within the next few years. The shadow of the reign of the great horn of the spiritual king of Greece was the reign of Alexander the Great, who wasn’t defeated militarily. This great horn will be broken when firstborns are again slain—and from this breakage will arise the spiritual kings of the North and of the South, who will go to war with each other. The carnage from their war will be so great in our four dimensions that if these days were not shortened, humanity would become extinct.

When Pharaoh with whom Moses spoke was slain, there were more Israelites than Egyptians. On this future second Passover, when the Christian Church will be liberated from spiritual bondage prior to when the world is liberated, more than half of humanity will profess to be Christian. And these numbers will silence the objections 18th-Century critics had to Jonathon Edwards’ typology affecting only a small portion of humanity. These liberated Christians, who believe God, will be the harvesters of the remainder of humanity. All who endure to the end will be saved(Matt 24:13) — this is the gospel of the kingdom of heaven that must be taken to the world before the end comes. In a small voice, it is, today, being taken to the world on the Web. Christ doesn’t say how loudly it must be proclaimed before the end arrives.

So, don’t let Christopher Hitchens’ democratic wind of change take you by surprise. This will be a strong, conservative wind affecting all of humanity. But it won’t last for long. Alexander’s reign was a decade long. We shouldn’t expect this wind of change to blow for any longer, if as long. And those of you who have been educated unto unbelief who have firstborns, give them a hug. Realize that you have been warned. You will believe at some point in the foreseeable future. Why not before rather than after your firstborn has been slain?

Someone is sure to say that he or she couldn’t worship a God who would slay innocent firstborns…they belong to God. You are not educating your firstborn to be in covenant with Him, are you? Why shouldn’t He take him or her from you if you aren’t? He or she will, if judgment isn’t already upon the person, be resurrected in the great White Throne Judgment, and given the chance to accept Christ’s reign, which you aren’t now teaching your firstborn to do. So you are the one who gets your firstborn slain; you have been warned. You are no longer innocent. And if it is necessary to lay a guilt trip on you to get you into covenant with God, consider the guilt trip lain. A third of humanity will die the hour of this second Passover (Rev 9:15). Your firstborn doesn’t have to be that one of every three individuals dead. But that is your decision.

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"Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved."