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Commentary — From the Margins

The Righteous Disciple

Part Two



Hear this word that the Lord has spoken against you, O people of Israel, against the whole family that I brought up out of the land of Egypt:

“You only have I known

of all the families of the earth;

therefore I will punish you

for all your iniquities.

“Do two walk together,

unless they have agreed to meet?

Does a lion roar in the forest,

when he has no prey?

Does a young lion cry out from his den,

if he has taken nothing?

Does a bird fall in a snare on the earth,

when there is no trap for it?

Does a snare spring up from the ground,

when it has taken nothing?

Is a trumpet blown in a city,

and the people are not afraid?

Does disaster come to a city,

unless the Lord has done it?

“For the Lord God does nothing

without revealing his secret

to his servants the prophets.

The lion has roared;

who will not fear?

The Lord God has spoken;

who can but prophesy?” (Amos 3:1–8 emphasis added)



More than a decade ago, I was sitting on an Idaho hillside, watching a hillside covered with seedling apples, watching to see what would emerge from the timber above the old farmstead when a hawk sailed lower overhead and emitted its piercing scream: voles that I didn’t know were feeding near me ran for cover, their fleeing disclosing their locations to the hawk. So a hawk will scream before it has prey, and will scream to frighten its prey into moving, its movement then making it vulnerable to aerial detection and attack. Hence, the questions that the prophet Amos records about a lion and a young lion are specific to lions just as the questions asked about a snare are specific to a human person trapping fowl, the poetic movement from beasts [lions] to men, which is then followed by the poetic movement from watchmen to the Lord.

A lion roars after prey is taken and a snare springs after it is tripped, but watchmen blow their warning trumpets before the attackers reach the city walls; so an additional movement is evident in the words of the Lord that Amos records, that of from after the attack to before the attack.

The second poetic movement from after to before an attack coupled to the Lord does nothing without revealing what He intends to do to His prophets introduces a reality that has long existed but hasn’t always been appreciated: when the children of Israel first entered the Promised Land of Canaan, the Lord spoke [communicated] directly with these children of promise through giving or withholding rain in its due season (Deut 11:13–17), but the children of Israel became hard of hearing and began to pray to the gods of the Hittites and Amorites, the pagan peoples that Israel dispossessed. And the Lord brought the Philistines against the children of Israel and made Israel a captive people in its own land, a shortened and simplified version of a complex history that saw Israel finding a bride for the Lord, the Queen of Heaven, Asherah, the consort of El … in early Ugaritic texts, Athirat the consort of El differs from Ashtart, or Astarte or Ashtoreth, but the distinction between Egypt’s Queen of Heaven and Mesopotamia’s Queen of Heaven gets lost as cultures mingle and the Elat [goddess] that the children of Israel made the consort of YHWH is still worshiped by Catholic Christians as the blessed virgin, Mary, mother of God.

The Catholic who prays to Mary, the blessed virgin, forms the reality that casts as his or her shadow the idolatrous children of Israel who wed Asherah to YHWH and worshiped both before the Lord brought Nebuchadnezzar and the Chaldeans, His servants (Jer 25:9), hard against Israel, burning the houses of Jerusalem on whose rooftops idolatrous prayers had been made to the Elat, the consort of YHWH, and razing the temple where priests had lost the Book of the Covenant and had instead offered sacrifices to a pantheon of Semitic deities.

What happened to the ancient children of Israel happened long ago and far away—and would seem to have little relevance to Catholic Christians or Protestant Christians today. But the Lord communicates with those Christians and Jews [spiritual and natural Israel] who are inwardly dead through shadows and types, through doing in miniature what He has done and what He intends to do to all of humankind.

For rabbinical Judaism, the 20th-Century Holocaust was a miniature, a maquette [scale model], of what will happen to Judaism during the Affliction, the first 1260 days of the seven endtime years, when Muslims seeks to throw Jews into the sea and will have some success doing so despite the modern State of Israel possessing nuclear weapons. The Holocaust, for as horrible as it was, will seem like a small thing when the kingdom of this world has finally been given to the Son of Man on the doubled day 1260. But unlike the Nazis responsible for the Holocaust who remain worthy of eternal condemnation, the Muslims that chirp with pleasure like mating insects when Jews are killed will not be condemned to the lake of fire, but forcibly converted to primitive Christendom, a sect of Judaism … the Muslims that kill Jews in the Affliction will become Israel in the Endurance, the last 1260 days of the seven endtime years. They will be forcibly converted through the world being baptized in the breath of God [pneuma Theon] when the single kingdom of this world is given to the Son of Man, and the Torah being written on their hearts and placed in their minds. They will become the very thing they have hated with demonic hatred, and salvation for them will come only through walking as Jesus, an observant Jew, walked. If they refuse to walk as an observant Jew, they will truly perish in the lake of fire a millennia before Hitler perishes in this lake of fire.

But it is in Catholic Christendom where the best hope lies of finding Christians who will enter the kingdom as firstfruits of God when all of Christendom is filled-with and empowered by the breath of God at the Second Passover … the least likely place to find Christians who will enter the kingdom as firstfruits is among Latter Day Saints, who, if faithful, have laid aside a year’s worth of everything they will need to survive, thus making them unlikely to repent when the Second Passover occurs and the social fabric of human civilization is shredded as if all cultures were rotten cloth. Because Latter Day Saints hold the office of prophet open, the false prophet will come to this office, and will come claiming to be the angel Joseph Smith. So it isn’t Rome that Sabbatarian Christians need to fear, but Salt Lake City; for the Pope as the legal firstborn of Trinitarian Christendom and the successor of popes who has twice consecrated this world to the Queen of Heaven, will perish the day of the Second Passover. Likewise, the prophet at Salt Lake, as the legal firstborn of Arian Christendom, will perish—but the office of prophet will not long be vacant for by the conclusion of the 17th of Iyyar, the demonic false prophet will have claimed the office.

The demonic apparition that has repeatedly appeared to Catholics to urge them not to neglect the worship of the Queen of Heaven, the blessed virgin, regardless of what the clergy of the Roman Church suddenly and unexpectedly teaches, has already prepared many loyal Catholics to continue in their lawlessness even after the Second Passover liberation of Israel … this demonic apparition, appearing to the three children at Fátima, Portugal, in 1917, apparently assured the children, Lucia Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto, that Portugal wouldn’t repent and mend its ways even after the Second Passover, but would continue to offer prayers to Our Lady of the Rosary of Fátima (in Portuguese, Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Fátima). This means, simply, that the nation of Portugal will be lost when the Apostasy of day 220 occurs. Then, the nation’s financial problems won’t matter: the nation will make itself into sacrificial vessels of wrath, vessels to be broken and cast into the lake of fire before the second temple of God is dedicated at the Wedding Supper.

Portugal is apparently lost if the demonic apparition even tells a partial truth, but the Roman Church is a worldwide organization, with a strong contingent of Catholics in the United States, a contingent that would embrace a changed theology coming from the Vatican after the Second Passover. Hence, the present deliberate flooding of Louisiana’s Cajun Country forms a maquette of the destruction by the flood that occurred in the days of Noah, when only the sons of righteousness crossed over from one world [the antediluvian age] to the following world [this present age]. But the Catholic culture of Louisiana’s Cajuns elevates Mary, the mother of God to the theological position held by Asherah, the consort of God [YHWH], with both Mary and Asherah being the Queen of Heaven; thus, righteousness is a rarity when the Sabbatarian’s family and friends beseech the Queen of Heaven to intervene on their behalf.

If God sought an example population of Christians, Evangelical Protestants and Catholic, to function as a maquette for what will happen to all Christians worldwide on a grand scale during the Affliction, then He really could do no better than to choose America’s southern states’ Bible Belt. Likewise, if He sought an example population of Gentiles for the same reason, then northeastern Japan would be a good choice, one that shows the peoples of the nations at perhaps their best, orderly, courteous, not prone to mischief or looting, vandalism, thereby showing that the nations behave more honorably than do Christians of the southern Bible Belt, where looting after April’s tornadoes was a problem.

In the urban areas of Europe and North America, traditional Christendom has suffered more than a bloody nose in its battle with the humanism of Socialism and Marxism: righteousness virtually doesn’t exist in inner cities. But rural America has not fared much better. The spawn of drug dealers and wannabe gangbangers have taken root in the dust of gravel roads and small high schools. Undocumented farm workers (illegal immigrants) milk cows in dairies that had to grow large to survive milk prices that remain lower than small dairy production costs. And the Catholicism of Cajuns, of the descendants of Polish immigrants in Michigan, Minnesota, of Mexican-Americans—the Catholicism of Americans has been pushed about by Evangelical Protestants and exposed to cultural influences that will cause some few American Catholics to actually walk as Jesus walked when the Torah is written on hearts and placed in minds of all Christians. And these few faithful disciples will be younger siblings of Christ Jesus, the First of the firstfruits, when judgments are revealed.

It the alleged third secret of Fátima—the single page letter that was not released by the Vatican in 2000 CE (a four page document not in letter form was released)—the demonic apparition disclosed that the last pope and many of the clergy would dump traditional Catholic dogma and embrace Christ Jesus, thus abandoning the demonic Queen of Heaven … I would certainly hope/pray that this is the case, but I fear that even if the pontiff that replaces the one slain on the Second Passover believes God and begins to keep the Sabbaths of God, this new pontiff will not be free to continue in well doing but will mingle the sacred [Christ] with the profane [the birthday of the invincible sun] and will thereby rebel against God on day 220 of the Affliction. Traditions to do otherwise are simply too strong.

Praying to or through Mary is, for most Catholics, too strong a tradition to be suddenly jettisoned —

The demons that Catholics have worshiped since the mystery of lawlessness first appeared among Christians mid 1st-Century CE have accomplished their work of deception. All that remains is to see how few the few are—the few about whom Jesus said, “‘For many are called, but few are chosen’” (Matt 21:14). These few will undertake a journey of faith that will see them martyred, but then glorified at the Second Advent.

Whereas Israel was and remained hard of hearing from even before the nation left Egypt (see Exod 20:8) through Jesus’ earthly ministry a millennium and a half later, the greater Christian Church is today and has been for a long time and will continue to be throughout the Affliction extremely hard of hearing; e.g., even after their firstborns are slain on the day of the Second Passover because Catholics steadfastly refuse to redeem their firstborns, most Catholic Christians will not abandon worship of demons and will not begin to walk as Jesus walked. But a few will. More will walk as Jesus walked than there will be Evangelicals that walk as Judeans. And this is a good thing.

However, there is a catch: when the Second Passover liberation of Israel occurs and the first covenant finally ends and the New Covenant is implemented—the covenant that will have the Torah [the Law] written on hearts and placed in minds so that all know the Lord—and every Christian will be able to rule over his or her fleshly body, every Christian will have 220 days to chose life over death; i.e., to chose to walk as Jesus walked, or to continue [a choice] walking in the traditions and dogmas of today’s Christendom.

Outward pressure will be placed upon all Christians to continue in, or return to the practices and traditions presently extant in the greater Christian Church. But to succumb to this pressure will cost the Christian his or her salvation.

In the Affliction righteousness will carry a high price tag: the death of the flesh [soma].


Continued in Part Three

* * *

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