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October 6, 2003 ©Homer Kizer
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Commentary – From the Margins

War on Yom Kippur

Thirty years ago today, on Yom Kipporim 1973, the modern nation of Israel was attacked by its neighbors. This attack initiated a series of events that effected the United States, and myself. As historians remember, the U.S. resupplied Israel with munitions as Israeli tank columns crossed the Suez Canal and were only hours out of Cairo in one of the most astonishingly aborted victories the history of warfare has known. Arab members of OPEC responded with an oil embargo that left me unable to buy fuel for two and a half months. The U.S. began a program to produce alternative energies. As a nation we coupled this program to energy conservation, and produced more bureaucratic pork and rhetoric than energy. And I relocated to Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, where the oil embargo was a minor annoyance.

In the minds of biblical prophecy pundits, the Yom Kippur War forever welded “oil” to their newly sculpted endtime conflict between Islam and Judaism. Prior to 1947 and the creation of the modern state of Israel, the predecessors of today’s pundits read Scriptural references to endtime Israel as pertaining to the Church, which would have made the conflict at Christ’s return as a final European Catholic-Muslim crusade. Today, the pundits craft their eschatological scenarios around a united Europe intervening in an Arab-Israeli war, with an endtime pope either becoming or giving his power to the man of perdition, and with the Evangelical Church being raptured to heaven before their judgment is revealed with the coming of the Messiah (1 Cor 4:5). These pundits actually have less spiritual understanding than their predecessors for whom the visions of Daniel were sealed. If the damage they are doing to the Church were not so great, their eschatology would be laughable.

But because of this damage, their names will be erased from the resurrection to life as they fulfill the reality of which the false prophets of ancient Israel were the shadow. By standing on the shoulders of typology, disciples can peer into the spiritual realm to see shadows of endtime events occurring in that supra-dimensional realm usually identified as heaven. What can be seen is an “all Christian world” for the last 1260 days prior to Christ’s return, with Muslims and Buddhists and Atheists having received the Holy Spirit and becoming either genuine or false Christians. What also can be seen is that for days 2520 to 1260, the world is in turmoil as two versions of false Christianity make war on genuine saints and upon the remainder of the world, breaking, devouring and trampling every mental paradigm that does not acknowledge the man Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of Man. One additional event can be seen: the slaying of spiritual and physical firstborns not covered by the blood of the Lamb of God. This second Passover slaughter of firstborns will cause the world to hate Christians for Christ’s name’s sake. It will also break nations such as China that have promoted a secular, one-child family planning policy.

The above events here on earth result from the jousting and sparring of spiritual kings that reign over the mental topography of humanity, a concept that is difficult for anyone to accept. Every person wants to believe that he or she is the master of his or her own mind, but the essence of Christian theology is that God knows the thoughts of the righteous and the wicked. The human subconscious mind forms real landscapes in the spiritual realm, where Satan reigns today as the prince of the power of the air (Eph 2:2). Generations prior to the evolution of space-time being understood as a fourth dimension lacked the social constructs necessary to envision heaven as a supra-dimensional realm, or time as a fluid in which humanity lives as a fish lives in water. Therefore, the philosophies of these generations elevated mastery of one’s mind to divine status, thereby idolizing human freewill. All the while, “freewill” grew on soil poisoned by the prince of the power of the air.

God knows, or can know your thoughts at this very moment, or mental prayers would not result in communication. Yes, God knows your thoughts even when you don’t want those thoughts known. And your thoughts originate from a mental landscape that is as real as the soil of a backyard garden. Which thoughts will sprout and grow is determined by the soil, but which thoughts you cultivate is determined by you. Thus, you are ultimately responsible for the fruit of your thoughts even though some fruits wouldn’t grow in your mind.

Without the Holy Spirit, spiritual thoughts won’t grow in your mind, which remains hostile to God (Rom 8:7). You cannot please God, or accept Christ as your sovereign until you receive the Holy Spirit, which results in a change of ownership of your mental landscape.

Too many Christians, however, like their former mental landlord and return to bondage to sin. They confuse liberty with lawlessness, transpose innocence and iniquity, and celebrate no longer being under the law (now written on their hearts and minds) by profaning the Sabbaths of God. And this revelation provides the logic for being foreknown by God (i.e., being drawn by the Father –compare John 6:44. 65 with Rom 8:29-30), for the second Passover, and for the great White Throne. This revelation also accounts for why the prophecy pundits who look for united Europe’s intervention in an Arab-Israeli conflict cannot understand endtime prophecies that were sealed until a year ago. They remain in mental bondage to sin--and that bondage hinders all spiritual understanding even though they were made parts of spiritual Israel.

I realized, on Yom Kipporim one year ago, that a new work had begun. A pastor of a splintered Church of God fellowship said that he could see in Scripture that both goats represented the sin offering of Israel. Yes, both goats represent Christ [physical and glorified], the pastor could see that. But he wasn’t willing to teach that, for the tradition of the splintered churches of God was to have the Azazel goat represent Satan. However, if the Azazel goat represents the devil, Satan becomes half of Israel’s sin offering, an honor that will not be afforded him upon his death (Ezek 28:18-19). Thus, I was forced to conclude that the splintered churches of God had ceased being text-based fellowships and had become tradition based, a realization that was truly apparent months earlier but a realization I didn’t want to cultivate.

When the Yom Kippur War occurred, the end of the age wasn’t in sight even though the pundits of the then-not-yet-splintered churches of God had been hawking the soon coming arrival of Christ for forty years. They were, possibly, themselves largely responsible for what has seemed like a three decade long interlude in the course of historic events. Their culpability stems from their rejection of revelation eleven years earlier, when they refused to consider that endtime prophecies about Israel pertained to the Church. In their elitism they considered themselves the entirety of true Christianity.

Evangelical prophecy pundits today consider themselves the entirety of the true Christian Church. While they will grudgingly acknowledge that among Mormons or Catholics are a few spiritfilled disciples, they refuse to recognize that the Evangelical Church is only a portion of endtime Israel, all of which needs mentally liberated from bondage to sin at a second Passover. They don’t understand that Christ spoke in parables so that physical Israelites wouldn’t understand the mysteries of God and turn and be saved before it was time (Matt 13:34-35 & 11-17). Prophecies have been sealed so they, as spiritual Israelites and as teachers of Israel, wouldn’t understand them and turn and be saved before it is time.

Only to His disciples did Christ reveal the meaning of the parables in which He spoke to the crowds that followed Him. Only to His endtime fellowships of disciples has He unsealed endtime prophecies. And on this Yom Kipporim, a memorial of Grace (i.e., the glorified Christ bearing the spiritual sins of spiritual Israel as the reality of the Azazel goat), Christ is still calling the Philadelphian fellowships that will comprise the spiritual reality of His twelve disciples whom He sent to the cities of the lost house of Israel. The second Passover and the seven-year-long Tribulation are still a ways ahead of us in the historic narrative. But many events can be compressed into a small bowl of time. Daniel’s vision of the 2300 morning and evening sacrifices is true. At some point after the twelve (six pairs of disciples) become the seventy, represented by the patriarch Israel and his household going to Egypt, Israel’s liberation from mental bondage occurs. The second Passover slaughter of firstborns will be history, and Israel’s (i.e., the greater Christian Church’s) journey from the north country of spiritual Babylon will have begun. All of the landscapes will be mental, as the logjam of social constructs upon which world civilization has been assembled are blown apart and bucked into firewood.

Christ’s calling of His endtime discipling fellowships began one year ago today. The war against Satan as the king of Babylon was joined in Vienna, Illinois, in the heartland of America, that portion of the nation long known as Little Egypt. The first fellowship called was Stonefort, at an appropriately named location. At least four additional fellowships remain to be called before the seventy are sent to spiritual Babylon, not to become slaves but to become guides for liberated Israelites on their journey to spiritual Jerusalem, a city with theological not geographical coordinates.

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