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The Second Passover

No event will impact humanity more than the endtime recovery of the Church from sin and death.


Physical circumcision, from the days of the patriarchs to Calvary, formed the shadow and type of spiritual circumcision from Jesus of Nazareth’s earthly ministry to the coming of New Jerusalem. Life comes from death as day comes from night, or as light shines from darkness (Gen 1:3 & 2 Cor 4:6). This is not an elevation or celebration of death, for no human being has any life but that which comes from physical breath until born anew, or born of Spirit (John 3:5). The Islamic fundamentalist who dies in jihad does not immediately go to heaven to behold the face of Allah. This teaching comes from the sons of Ishmael believing the lie of the old serpent that the first Eve swallowed when, in the garden of God, the serpent told Eve that she would not surely die (Gen 3:4) if she took to herself the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. This teaching of human immortality corrupted Hellenistic Christian converts in the 2nd and 3rd Centuries CE, and has since contaminated Rabbinical Judaism. And this teaching of immortality, entering into the descendants of Abram [Abraham] as a lethal virus does the human body, will send many or most of the children of the patriarch into the lake of fire, such is the strength of this mental virus.

Earthly death precedes life in the supra-dimensional heavenly realm…for most human beings, birth by Spirit comes when they are resurrected to judgment. But for the Son of Man, now grown large (and flabby) from the single kernel of wheat planted at Calvary (John 12:24), judgment follows baptism, which represents the symbolic death of the old self in mentally mature human beings. In those individuals who are part of the Son of Man, birth by Spirit occurred when the Father drew the person (John 6:44, 65) from the world. This “drawing” is the calling Jesus references when he said, Many are called, but few are chosen (Matt 22:14). This preseason or before death birth by Spirit doesn’t mean that a person has been chosen, but that the person has been called to be a special vessel, to be part of the Son of Man, the soon to come world-ruling hierarchy of which the glorified Jesus is Head.

The Bible is ultimately about two world ruling hierarchies, one presently reigning (i.e., Babylon, the humanoid image King Nebuchadnezzar saw in vision), and one soon to begin reigning (the Son of Man) over the same territory, the mental topography of living human beings. The transition from one to the other will take seven difficult years. The actual transference of power comes in the middle of these seven years—comes when the Ancient of Days sits in judgment of Babylon, and gives the single kingdom of the world (Rev 11:15) to one like a son of man (Dan 7:9-14).

As Nebuchadnezzar’s physical kingdom of Babylon reigned over geographical territory, Lucifer’s spiritual Babylon (Isa 14:4-21) reigns over spiritual or mental territory—the Babylon that falls at the end of the age isn’t a kingdom of earthly landscapes, but the mindset of disobedience to which God consigned all human beings (Rom 11:32). God has mercy on all by breaking this spiritual Babylon that has served as a mental foil against which human beings have had to war to do what was right and good. Either from knowing the commandments of God or from having natural law within the person, every person knows what is right and good, and knows whether he or she has done those things the person knew were good. If the person hasn’t, the person is a hypocrite, whose righteousness doesn’t exceed that of the Pharisees. This person will not enter the kingdom of heaven when his or her judgment is revealed, either upon Jesus’ return for those who have already been born of Spirit, or in the great White Throne Judgment for those whose second birth comes with the person’s resurrection from death.

The seven-year transition from Babylon to the Son of Man creates a special situation for which the long term course of affairs that comes from mentally maturing through the aging process isn’t appropriate. Plus, the cancerous growths of disobedience now threatening to kill the Son of Man must be purged from the Grace-covered Body of Christ Jesus. The solution to both problems is to remove the covering, to reveal the Son of Man (Luke 17:30). But before removing the covering of His righteousness, Christ Jesus will first liberate His Body from the law of sin and death that presently dwells in its members (Rom 7:25). He will do this through empowering or filling full the Body with the Holy Spirit, thereby removing sin and death from the flesh of every disciple as his or her mind was liberated from the law of sin and death through initial receipt of the Holy Spirit.

The liberation of spiritually circumcised Israel (i.e., the Christian Church) and eventually recovery of all Israel from sin and death will make Israel forget the ancient Exodus of physically circumcised Israel from Egypt (Jer 16:14-15).

The liberation of the Church from spiritual Babylon and Assyria is referenced or discussed in more depth in numerous articles and commentaries. This page has been created to assist the person interested in the subject to find these writings, and to trace how the concept has emerged through typological exegesis. Of course, after the fact many false prophets and false teachers will have explanations for what happened, with most identifying the event as the sixth trumpet plague of Revelation chapter nine. They will be wrong, and will cause many Christians to go into the lake of fire, for the great falling away cannot be stopped. All a disciple can do is not be party to this falling away, for with liberation, the only covering a disciple will have for his or her lawlessness is obedience to God.

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