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February 2, 2005 ©Homer Kizer

ADDENDUM: September 16, 2008

Open Letter to Peter Kershaw

Dear Mr. Kershaw:

The case file for what has become known as the Port Austin affair should include the following documents:

  1. The Establishing Agreements PASCC Church & PASCC Community
  2. Two examples of four named trustees coming from Norman Scott Edwards. These examples are his e-mail correspondence to you of April 7, 2004, and a copy of the certified 6-page letter he posted to occupants living on the former Air Base.
  3. The Assignment of Land Contracts and Purchase Agreement, filed on April 28, 2004, signed by four trustees, known as Liber 1048 (page 223, page 224, page 225, page 226).
  4. Amendment to Liber 1048, dated May 25, 2004, executed on May 25th, signed by Paul Drieman for PASCC.
  5. Amendment to Liber 1048, dated May 24, 2004, executed on June 24th, signed by Norman Scott Edwards for PASCC.
  6. Warranty Deed for Property 1, described in Liber 1048, dated August 30, 2004, recorded on October 18, 2004 (page 1 and page 2).
  7. Revised Assignment of Land Contracts and Purchase Agreement, filed on September 17, 2004, signed by only Norman Scott Edwards, known as Liber 1073 (page 62, page 63, page 64, page 65).
  8. Trust instrument, signed by only Norman Scott Edwards with Norman Scott Edwards as sole trustee (page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6). The existence of this trust instrument and of the refiled land contract was not disclosed to the other three trustees until October 29, 2004.
  9. Example of Norman Scott Edwards acting as sole trustee prior to him disclosing that he was sole trustee: letter to water users dated December 22, 2004. Note Point 6 under "Authority" section. The other three trustees knew nothing of this assignment of collection power until after a water bill was sent to trustee Philip Frankford.
  10. Dissolution of PASCC ministry and disfellowship of Norman Scott Edwards by the majority of original trustees, dated October 31, 2004, recorded November 30, 2004 (page 1 and page 2).
  11. Edwards acknowledges the three trustees' authority to dissolve the ministry in paragraph 5, lines 3, 4, & 5 of Edwards' letter dated January 25, 2005.
  12. Edwards acknowledges the four men were of equal authority when the four joined together to establish the trust agreement: note Point 13, of the Summary of Events at Port Austin, dated December 20, 2004, and published by Edwards on the Internet originally at http://members.aol.com/cogwriter/edwards.htm.
  13. Refiled Warranty Deed for Property 1, described in Liber 1048. Liber 1080, page 418 and page 419.

The amount of paperwork this Port Austin affair has generated is appropriate for a legally messy proceeding. However, the above documents should produce basic familiarization with the affair. No authority for Norman Scott Edwards' actions is claimed by Edwards beyond what is contained in the listed documents. The four men signed a real estate contract as equals. A Warranty Deed was conveyed to the purchasing entity formed by the four men. Norman Scott Edwards took sole possession of that purchasing entity and sole possession of the properties through withholding the contracted trust instrument that you drafted until it could be filed with only one signature. Although Edwards didn't then realize my presence, I overheard his side of his conversation with you on August 20th, a telephone call you initiated and on which you waited five or more minutes until Edwards could be summoned. I overheard what then sounded like a conspiracy to harm the other three trustees. And Edwards has harmed the other trustees. Edwards acted upon and implemented what I overheard about filing the trust instrument with only one signature. Unbeknownst to the other three trustees whom he acknowledges had the power to terminate the SEE program (referenced in Point 7 of his "Summary of Event at Port Austin" article), he acted in a manner contrary to the interests of the other three men, and in a manner harmful to their interests throughout September, October, November, and December 2004. For Edwards used his authority as sole trustee to evict Frankford from his residence on trustee property (Dorm #2), and to require of Drieman a day-by day accounting of Drieman's actions for the fifty (50) days prior to the Dissolution Agreement to avoid eviction from Dorm #1. He used his authority as sole trustee to sign an agreement with a coop of which he is the Secretary/Treasurer. And on or about January 4, 2004, he used his authority to move his family and one student (Anna Delong) into the residence of Terry Williams, going even so far as to change the locks of Williams' doors.

I arrived in Port Austin in late July, having come to teach for the SEE program which when revealed was not anything that might remotely be considered an educational program. It was not a mentoring, or apprenticeship program as it had been advertised. It had no substance at all, and nothing was being charged for it. Anna Delong is the only person involved, and she has functioned as an indentured servant to the Edwards family. She and Edwards' son Josh have a relationship of some degree. So when it became time for the fall semester to begin, there were neither the advertised (and in some cases named) students who were supposed to be here, or any program of study for students. The semester was supposed to begin on August 17th—and at this time, the other three trustees realized that their faith in Edwards had been misplaced. Thus, your telephone call of August 20th has considerable relevance.

In reviewing notes of what happened prior to when I came, I find a scenario that is extremely ugly. I also find that you have high credibility, and apparently, high integrity. Your assistance would be appreciated, but the damage that has been done by seemingly deliberate misrepresentation is probably not repairable. It is difficult to place future confidence in a person who writes, concerning his sale to me of a residence, "This vagueness was intentional" (paragraph 6, line 2 of Edwards' January 25, 2005 letter). A person possessing the mind of Christ has a differing thought pattern.


Homer Kizer

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