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Euchre Creek

Euchre Creek is a novel about community, not just the community from which it takes its name but that collection of cultural connections binding individuals together. It focuses on the interplay between multiple Anglo-American characters, their Judeo-Christian roots and the natural world from which they derive their sustenance. It is not a character study, nor about any particular character. Rather, it presents the failed incorporation of an outsider into a functioning community, the biological extension and the economic expansion of that community, and the generational amalgamation of the community's adult population. It examines the tensions necessary to suspend the concept of community.

To convey communal wholeness, characters fulfill Charles Pierce's tripart paradigm of determinate, indeterminate, and interpretive behavior patterns. The novel's point of view varies from omniscient to first-person within, usually, every paragraph. Its playful structure is that of hooking and landing a steelhead.

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Euchre Creek Galley Proof

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