Coming of the Son of Man

The Coming of the Son of Man is a process--it has a beginning, a middle and an end. It is variously described as a joyous or a calamitous event. It all depends upon your perspective.


This is a study of the prophetic timeline as generally laid out for us in the books of Daniel and Revelation. It will include some new information as it relates to the Kingdom of God, and when that kingdom is actually set up. Daniel and Revelation contain witness marks, marks used to line up precision gear meshing or safe cylinders, or marker beds–a term used in well-drilling* to see where you are in the column of geological formations. These marks will allow us to establish a timeline, to see where we are prophecy.


*I am indebted to Boyd Yahn for the new information of the Scriptures relating to the setting up of the Kingdom, when and where.

clock, monument, clock face-2050857.jpg

A timeline with commentary attached to each Scripture. As discussion ensues and more knowledge comes to light, this will change, by necessity.

clock, time, watch-407101.jpg

The timeline in chart format with Scriptures only. This chart will change as discussion ensues and more Scriptures are added.