You will find articles on this page that address current understanding of worship and prophecy. I can't imagine where we will be five years from now but if our understanding is changed as we grow in grace and knowledge, our words must change as well.

Study Topics for: PASSOVER - 15TH OT/NT

The argument that Passover continued to be kept as Israel did except that Jesus became the sacrifice and a lamb was no longer to be offered, is referred to as 15th/15th. This argument is that the sacrifice of the lamb was at the end of the 14th and eaten at the beginning of the 15th. The traditional Night To Be Much Observed of the Church of God community is at the same time that the Passover is to be kept and marks the beginning of the Days of Unleavened Bread.

This paper explains why I now believe Passover should be observed the night of the 15th instead of the night of the 14th.

When was the lamb killed and eaten in the Old Testament account? Is Passover a day or event? How does Passover relate to the Days of Unleavened Bread? Jesus was the true Passover. Did Jesus hold a Passover service or did He have a dinner and a last teaching before his death? There are various interpretations of the Passover. What does the record of scripture state? This is a 3-part series.

These are the events leading up to, during, and just after what is commonly called the “Lord’s supper” or “last supper”. My commentary throughout is about the events and explanation on why I believe this meal was NOT a Passover meal. In the Old Testament of the Bible, the Passover is not a day, it is a sacrifice that was killed at twilight at the end of the 14th day of the first month.

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Study Topic: The Coming of the Son of Man

This is a study of the prophetic timeline as generally laid out for us in the books of Daniel and Revelation. It will include some new information as it relates to the Kingdom of God, and when that kingdom is actually set up.

Study Topic: Jerusalem

Study Topic: The Millennium

A multi-part audio series [and one video] that discuss the Millennium, it’s timing, characteristics, and the players on the scene. What part does the Father and His Son play during this time?