Homer Kizer Ministries

December 10, 2004

An Open Letter to Royce Mitchell

Dear Mr. Mitchell:

You have inserted yourself into a matter about which you are, at best, poorly informed; you have inserted yourself in a manner suggesting that you are a busybody, peeking through partially opened windows to satisfy a sense of voyeurism that prays for the opportunity to be offended. And I have given you that window through which you see nothing but have experienced great offense. You should thank me for having titillated your sensibilities. I am quite certain that you have not felt as righteously offended for some period of time—and that feeling of self-righteous offense is perhaps all that reminds you of the life you once had.

So there is no mistake, you have not extended to me the courtesy that I extended you. You have not been honest with the information that you have. You have behaved as a person who is extremely simpleminded, or one who is willfully dishonest. I suspect the first isn’t so.

All that you need to know is that the individual you have named is not a member in good standing of the Port Austin Sabbatarian Church Community, or of the Port Austin Sabbatarian Community Church (the similarly of the two names chosen by the individual you named to confused local taxing authorities). The individual you named has been publicly disfellowshipped for sins that are widely known within the local fellowships and within the larger secular community. These sins, out of love, do not need to be disclosed to a national or international audience in case repentance occurs. All that needs to be conveyed to Believers outside of local fellowships is the action taken so that in case of repentance the action of turning one over to Satan can be reversed.

Your desire to know the details for turning the individual you named over to Satan is, at best, prurient. You have done immeasurable harm to the individual you named. Instead of him feeling shame, you have encouraged him to continue in his sins, which will land him in jail. You have and are pursuing a course of action that will cause him to commit spiritual suicide. In your voyeurism, you are slaying your brother. For this, you need to repent.

You will find the public document disfelowshipping the individual you named through a link on this page. My prayer for you is that you curb your desire to peek through windows.

Homer Kizer

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