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The Bond that Holds: VI

Conclusion: Marriage as a covenant

Poetic language structured in Hebrew style poetry will have the first line of a thought couplet being an abstract for the next thought couplet and illustrates a concept of a physical object being a shadow of a spiritual reality which casts this dark shade that can and is seen by physical eyes, and is the dual message basis or method of instruction to comprehending the scriptures in which Paul illustrates to those he addresses when he writes “the visible physical things of this world reveal the spiritual (invisible) things of God” (Rom. 1:19-20; 1 Cor. 15:46). It is the essence for which spiritual matters can be discussed and addressed.

There is within the Bible a narrative of two creation accounts which seem to oppose each other to where a literal reading of Genesis 1:26-29 will be at odds with Genesis 2:8. Genesis 1:1 through 2:3 was written between the 6th and 7th centuries BCE in Imperial Hebrew and Genesis 2:4 through 3:2 from the 9th century Samaria. Some critics who would find Moses as being the author of Genesis could have speculated that he was bipolar, because the two accounts when critically examined cannot be reconciled. The first account “P” in poem structure ends with the creation of the Sabbath, while the “J” creation ends with man and woman becoming “one” flesh, something likened to what Christ said about the Father and Himself becoming “one” spirit (John 17:21-23), bringing about the profundity of marriage, which highlights how little is known in regards to the sacredness of this bond, and its abuses by humanity are illuminated for all who have eyes to see.

People are being given in marriage as in the days of Noah, these pronounced unions simply being joined likened to knot tying, with most of them ending up untied. Some of these unions that are being tied are not male and female, meaning males are marrying males and the same for females, spiritually abominable unions to where no additional “life” can come through these unions, if these unions are a shadow of something spiritual as Paul suggests in his writings, such as the law, the prophets and the temple being shadows of Christ. It was not this way in the beginning nor was it to ever be this way for an Israelite. If things visible in this world are not shadows of a heavenly reality casting the events seen inside this physical creation, then what is being written here should simply be dismissed as being an opinion of the writer, so those seeking to reason should not find offense for what’s being implied.

The “P” creation narrative isn’t about a physical creation but about the spiritual creation of sons of God and how salvation is acquired for them, about how these sons are divinely procreated in darkness through the regulation and function of what legally constitutes as a “marriage” for an Israelite in the hopes of eventually being made one with Jesus who is One with the Most High. Most of the world engages in sex, many outside of marriage and often, the results of this coming together for the gratification of the flesh seeking pleasure gets passed onto taxpayers to support the lives created from these sexual acts outside of marriage, either in the form of welfare or abortions. There is no accountability administered to these selfish pleasure seekers because there is no obligation to remain in a bond with the one who was lusted for…and the cost of supporting this created life has to be dealt with and the cost is subsidized, passed on to those who are responsible and are overly taxed for the irresponsibility of others. Much of the world, though, does marry with many resulting in failures. Marriage, however, for an Israelite is to be “legally” bound through a covenant, which doesn’t end until one of the partners die, and this shadow of marriage is explained by Paul in his letter to the Romans in chapter 7, verse 1-3, and is for this reason that Jesus came to die before becoming the Messiah.

The structure of the creation narrative is centered around a man named “Adam”, and the last book of the Bible –Revelation- would have this completed man being the first and the last…being the beginning and the end (Rev 22:13). One created in darkness and one or One created in the light of that same day; Day One. The second day of this spiritual creation account was not declared “good”, but the third day is twice proclaimed to be good. On this second day, what is observed is that there was a heavens created which separated water from the water, the dead from the living, a separation between the physical and the spiritual, this place is indeed a created location to which was called “Heaven” (Gen. 1:6-8)

To read more about these two worlds, See more here: From <http://www.aboutprophecy.com/About_Prophecy_Chapt2.html>

If you put Paul’s writing to the Corinthians about the first/last Adam created on Day One of the perpendicular worlds in the creation “P” narrative into Hebrew poetic structure it would look like this:

Thus it is written, "The first man Adam became a living being"; [physical]

    the last Adam became a life-giving spirit. [spiritual]

The first man was from the earth, a man of dust; [physical]

    the second man is from heaven. [spiritual]

As was the man of dust, so also are those who are of the dust, [physical]

    and as is the man of heaven, so also are those who are of heaven. [spiritual]

Just as we have borne the image of the man of dust, [physical]

    we shall also bear the image of the man of heaven [spiritual]. (1 Cor. 15:45-48, emphasis added)

This writing is directed to the Elect…those who currently have a second breath of life and to those who shortly will have life. You are not the fleshly body that you walk around in. The flesh is of the first adam, but what animates the creature is a non-physical soul which is made alive by the Second Adam, who will inherit a new body not like that of the first man. Stand in front of a mirror if you want to get a glimpse of the clay man who marches off to the battles of war, also who has a desire to kill you…you being the self-contained life within this clay jar. He is the hated son who traded his inheritance to greedily fill the appetites of his flesh as Esau did when exchanging his birthright for a bowl of lentils with Jacob, and is a slave to the flesh through its vices.

Hebrew style poetics illustrates the movement from physical to spiritual, and is the premise for which prophetic covenants are reconciled and is the basis of comprehending scripture for the Elect. One creation narrative in Genesis focuses on the creation of the creature while the “P” account’s objective or mark is centered on the creation of the mind, and these “thoughts” take place inside the head of a man, and these thoughts have a “head” or ruler. Salvation is about which “thoughts” a person believes; about which Adam they’ll follow. Spiritually speaking, the “Son of Man” stands opposed to “Babylon”, with Babylon having dominion over all sons of men who have descended from the first man and woman whom ate from the tree of “knowledge”, this being represented by Babylon’s gold head. All of humankind are of the first Adam.

Physically raping a woman begins with mentally lusting for a woman…originates in the head, and the body only follows the instructions manifesting these thoughts which gives birth producing the physical act of forceful penetration; this act ultimately a manifestation of how Satan rules the minds of men. Physical rape is the product of mental lusting, and moving this up one level from physical to spiritual results in the production of another spiritually rebelling life that needs to be dealt with. Ideas in a head give “life” to these thoughts in a spiritual world in which humans have deemed as “heaven”. In order to deal with spiritual rebellion, lusting/anger…etc…, a demonstration needed to be set in place for these rebellious thoughts to be reflected upon in humanity, broadcast by a spiritual head projecting these thoughts which is acted out by these blinded humans, giving to all the world a commensurate paradigm of the function and fundamentals of authority, by allowing these thoughts of rule to playout in the physical world throughout the trials and chronicles of man ultimately leading up to judgment day, killing all thoughts which sprang from rebellion.

Homer had stated “In the “P” creation account, a transition occurs between verses one and three, with this transition turning the darkness of Day One into the light of Day One. The first Adam is created in the darkness of Day One, a day that is linguistically separated from the second day or third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh days; for the last Adam, Christ Jesus, is the light of Day One (see 2 Cor 4:6), thus making this “P” creation account about the spiritual creation of Sons of God the Father, not about the physical creation of this world.” He entered His creation as a man by taking the form of a servant, a slave (Phil 2:7), this model aligns the first Adam to the Last Adam through the things which “filled” the heavens and the earth which has Israel coming to Abraham through Sarah, not through Hagar or Keturah, and the promise coming to an heir from the marriage to Sarah, not the sons of the slave women, from a root shoot of Jesse (not David) but from another branch of Israel which is not a descendant of a human, Israelite king, one with no previous recordings…no past.

Comprehension comes through experience

It is essential that in order to comprehend scripture, wisdom (knowledge through experience; see its definition) is required to make good judgments and is crucial in understanding prophecy. It is a process that occurs in the mind before it instructs the actions of the hands, administering a pronounced sentence required in bringing the judgment into balance, aligning a wrongful act, a payment of some sort with the perpetrator who performed the act.

Two creations began with a decision made in Genesis 1:26; one physical, the other spiritual, the spiritual being such a place to where humans can neither see nor enter because of the solidity of matter, and these two worlds exist not as parallel worlds but would function as wheels within a wheel, which would have a perpendicular plane in which these two lines or worlds intersect at some point, and the only way for physical beings to observe this phenomena is through watching shadows of the thing(s) which blocks light (Col. 2:17: Heb. 10:1) from the world of the Y axis reflecting down onto the plane of the X axis in these orbitals.

“Knowledge” comes from your mistakes, something I’m sure that Adam and Eve realized once cast from the Garden, since they now had this new found ability to determine matters floating around and encompassed in their skulls. I once built hinges for some doors for an offshore container box by making them, the male and female parts of the hinge, to have a tolerance of 13 thousandths of an inch because my older brother told me to do it that way. He was was/is a seasoned machinist. Everything went well as long as I listened, until the day I thought I had a better way…and did it my way. Simply doing what I was told didn’t give me knowledge of why to make it the way I was instructed, I “thought” there was a better way. One day I made enough hinges for three boxes with six doors, and decided for myself to make the hinges and tighten the tolerances down to 5 thousandths of an inch instead of 13 thinking that doors would perform better with the tighter tolerances…thinking that the latches would line up better by removing the slack. What happened now was that the tolerances were too tight to allow for the deformation that came with the heat from welding which resulted in doors that would not open, the hinges didn’t work; they galled. The consequence of having to grind all the hinges off for several hours, along with the material and labor costs of producing some new ones gave me knowledge of why I was to do what I was told, after I freely chose to do it my way. Knowledge comes by your mistakes, only if you have to suffer repercussions for them. Bailing someone out from jail who is a lawbreaker will give to you a repeat offender if he’s not allowed to suffer consequences, and tax payers paying for the many children of single moms doesn’t address the question of “would the couple continue to engage irresponsibly in sexual encounters if they had to pay for every child which they produced themselves”? If the couple marries then they are on their own, so responsibility suffers penalties in this world, which only encourages more irresponsibility.

Obedience doesn’t produce knowledge, but having to suffer consequences shows that you should have been obedient, and the task of creating a demonstration to practice knowledge through suffering is now underway; suffering consequences from correction produces knowledge which returns you to obedience is key to rooting out rebellion, and returning back to the Garden where you can choose either life or death, depending upon which example of Adam on display (first or last) you believe and follow.

Now, without mercy being granted because of repentance, and not having a way back into the Garden to eat from the Tree of Life, this knowledge is as fruitless as the fig tree which couldn’t feed Jesus. There needs to be a bridge in returning Sons of God back to Eden so that they can eat from the Tree of Life to live eternally. Repentance is at the forefront of beginning the journey back to what’s true, which leads to freedom. It’s not the significance of the sin done which keeps salvation out of reach, it’s the inability to repent, and this comes with continually being placed into a situation to be humbled yet you keep drawing attention by exalting yourself…drawing attention to the creature, the first man created in darkness, instead of suffering humiliation for your selfish desires. Who suffered humiliation at the hands of temple officials more than the last Adam or the Second Man (1 Cor. 15:45-47), whose sins were not even His? They belonged to sons of man, sons of the first adam.

In regards to “understanding” or knowing a thing, especially concerning concepts or ideas, you cannot fully know a thing unless it can be compared to its polar opposite…unless it has a comparison. Would you know what light is without having darkness? Could you know cold without having something hot? Sweet without sour…days without nights? Freedom without knowing slavery…good without evil? Why did YAH have to come down and experience being a slave for Himself…and to be tested as all men are tested? There has to be a comparison for a thing to be fully comprehended.

Christ will never elevate someone with a slave mentality into a position of authority. Moses was placed over Israel, and though born a slave, he was raised a free man…was raised inside of Pharaoh’s palace. Knowledge of slavery and freedom is vital when it comes to determining the making of a vow or pledge to be in an everlasting bond with Christ.

On display before all men and angels is a demonstration for comparison, a working model of how authority, used by a ruler, either produces harmony or rebellion, and the understanding of the exercising of authority is paramount to being positioned within the Heavenly Gates. However, on display before humankind and what’s scripturally recorded for Christianity to see is the one man named Adam, the first and the last, to observe how this man acts with having a king rule over him at separate times by two rulers, and the actions of the man are a result of the thoughts or belief of the king who rules over him, the first adam who ate rebellious fruit or forbidden fruit having Satan rule the actions of his hands and the last Adam who was obedient…who believed God, His Head…to see how they act while holding the beliefs of their kings or head.

The subject of this exhibition of comparison of how “Adam” reacts to his ruler is in the use of how authority is to be administered. “Adam”, the one created on the dark portion of Day One, and the One created on the light portion of Day One, and each of these Adams would have a ruler to rule over their kind/Kind. The first and the last Adam. Read the creation account:

“These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day the LORD made the earth and the heavens. When no bush of the field was yet in the land and no small plant of the field had had yet sprung up-for the LORD God had not yet caused it to rain on the land and there was no man to work the ground, and a mist was going up from the land and was watering the whole face of the ground – then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature”. (Genesis 2:4-7 emphasis added)

Adam, the man of dust, was formed in the day that the earth and the heavens were made of this account, this being Day One. Humankind count days from the dark and light portions, each around 12 hours depending on the seasons, yet the sun doesn’t light up and go dark during this transition…it is always illuminated. Step back in your mind away from the physical earth and hoover around in space mentally…the earth is always physically there as it rotates and the sun is always present…the sun always shines on the earth, the earth always receiving its light. We just recognize a “yesterday” because of the dark/light portions switched from today to yesterday marking this as a transition, yet we are still in the same day, Day One of the “Priestly” account as the earth makes its orbit.

The physical man of dust would give birth to a physical nation of Israel, who had physical circumcision and performed physical sacrifices while being under the current ruler of this world. The spiritual Man of light would give birth to a spiritual nation of Israel, who promises spiritual circumcision and as High Priest performs spiritual sacrifices, and His subjects eagerly await His reign. A man, and his shadow, is on display for all who have eyes to see. Notice how the ruler of sons of Adam is transferred from Satan to Christ, from the ruler of physical sons of Adam to the spiritual reign of the last Adam, and to Sons of God:

there shall be a fourth kingdom on earth,

     which shall be different from all the kingdoms,

and it shall devour the whole earth,

     and trample it down, and break it to pieces.

As for the ten horns,

out of this kingdom ten kings shall arise,

     and another shall arise after them;

he shall be different from the former ones,

     and shall put down three kings.

He shall speak words against the Most High,

     and shall wear out the saints of the Most High,

     and shall think to change the times and the law;

and they shall be given into his hand

     for a time, times, and half a time.

But the court shall sit in judgment,

     and his dominion shall be taken away,

     to be consumed and destroyed to the end.

And the kingdom and the dominion

     and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven

     shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High;

His [Their] kingdom shall be an everlasting kingdom,

     and all dominions shall serve and obey Him [Them].”

 (Dan 7:9–14; 21–27 emphasis added — indented lines are spiritual portions of thought-couplets)

The above citation speaks of when a kingdom and the dominion of that king or ruler is taken and transferred and that dominion or rule is given unto the next who is up for comparison…the next to be on display.

The first spiritual head to commence this lineup in this authoritative demonstration of responsibility is Lucifer, who became Satan…the first to rebel in the Heavens. Until Christ comes to set up His millennial reign over humanity, Satan is the “ruler” of this world, he rules over sons of Adam (made of dust), and the god of this world currently “blinds” the minds of these unbelievers (2 Cor. 4:3-6) by indeed being its ruler…he rules the thoughts of man, a ruler who’s responsible for the actions of those he rules and the results of those actions has no claim to Christ, just as Christ told us (John 14:30). Seriously…this is allowed. He is allowed to be ruler over this world until a certain duration of time meets its end and a new era is ushered in for its next ruler. This current world’s mess has it troubles falling squarely on its ruler, it’s what responsibility mandates…NONE of the worlds past or current troubles can be pinned on Christ…no murders, divorces, rapes or any other injustice can lay a claim to Christ Jesus during Satan’s era of rule. Christ will get His turn at dominion in the millennium.

The first rule in being a leader or a prince in exercising authority is that everything below you is your fault…everything done and visibly seen by the constituents of those you govern is your responsibility. Everything. You are the mind of the body that you spearhead and the actions taken by those under you do so by the common belief distributed throughout the members of your body or those governed, which simply follow the mandate of where the ideas are originally constituted (where they originate).

Toward the latter years of the discussions that I had with Homer was interest in the formation of the Garden, and of the physical creation to which became labelled between us as “the demonstration” in describing this event. The question should be asked, “could the God of Abraham and the God who raised Jesus from the dead of Themselves create another such as Themselves from the location in which this ONE (unity) God had glory (Heavenly life)? Don’t attempt to answer this yet. Until this point - in creating life - the signet of this God’s perfection was in the forming of Lucifer who was not a reflection of Themselves…not created after Their likeness as Adam was. This servant, the anointed guardian cherub, this servant, instigated a rebellion in the heavens.

It is an established fact that naturally, neither a man nor a woman can produce another such as themselves without the two, male and female, coming together to form this “one” being as a result of them coming together. Artificially, the sexual act can be inseminated but the substance comes from another human, in opposite form. The creating of a son as a servant, a bondservant because this one has a ruler if you are indeed a servant, does not foster the same method of production as in creating a son who has an inheritance; an heir, who lives freely. What freedom does a bondservant have in being created to serve? Either he serves the purpose that he was created for, or he rebels in not performing this intended role as a servant. What choice did you have in your conception? Did you choose your parents? Why did the WORD choose to come down in the form of a servant? What steps have to be involved to ensure that another rebelling being is not formed or created? Satan will have no excuse in the end.

If this created one would have knowledge of the consequences of his rebellion and could see the end results, would he rebel? What choice does he have in deciding what he’s free to do or not to do if created a bondservant? How can he, or you, obtain knowledge unless you decide something for yourselves…make a decision for yourself? Simply doing what you’re told to do doesn’t bring knowledge to yourself, and doesn’t seem to have the same appeal as in discovering a matter through making a decision for yourself when you’re created to be a bondservant. Knowledge does NOT come from making a decision for yourself, but comes from facing the consequences of your choosing “wrongly”, a method called correction through responsibility, or better yet, this simple act is what is described as justice; taking responsibility (ownership) for YOUR decision to do wrong, and this is paramount in the formation of the Garden, where Adam was placed where the freedom of choice is permitted, with a caveat; a command to “not eat” was given. A choice of life or death, and never again in the history of mankind was there ever an ultimatum available to choose either life or death than on the plains of Moab where the promise of circumcised hearts was made (in order to enter the spiritual temple – Ezekiel 44:9 -), a covenant then moderated by Moses but would have a provision to switch moderators from Moses to Christ, and this covenant was made “new” in by the instituting of the “new” Passover sacraments (the first was physical, the second is spiritual), which went from a roasted lamb and spilt blood to wine and bread, the physical portion of this covenant coming to its end with the slaying of Christ.

“Why a physical world in the first place? Why not just make us in Heaven?” a good question that one of my very good Muslim friends asked me. The answer has something to do with a thing called “rebellion”, and it’s being addressed by the ruler of minds by assigning responsibility to these rulers with their beliefs and uses of authority. An ideology (thoughts of the mind) is not defeated by death or with the use of weapons used by hands…especially in the heaven created on the second day, but is defeated when its methods are continuously on display as being a failure in this world, which has shadows cast from this heaven. There is nothing new under the sun.

Fulfilling all righteousness

The phrase “the law and the prophets” needs to be closely examined when discussing the fulfilling all righteousness and how they’re linked together. Spiritually, “Death” is a created thing for surely there can be no death in a world where everything is supposedly considered “good”. Death continues to “live” as long as sin is available to feed it; rebellion has to be starved. Before there was rebellion, there was no sin, which leads to death (James 1:15). The Garden illustrates this notion. No one “died” in the Garden, which is the purpose and function of the physical world created…a world created in which everything is subject to death. Death continues to live because of the sinful nature of the first Adam that constantly feeds it. Death is the great equalizer…all men are equal in death only. Both the highly and the lowly esteemed die.

Why did He have to fulfill all righteousness? How exactly do you do that? The simple answer and solution is through the one who has dominion exercising compassion when it is within the ruler’s power to harm and destroy, by extending mercy to those created to serve a purpose. In order to save the world (John 3:17), He had to consign humanity to disobedience.

“For God has consigned all to disobedience, that he may have mercy on all”. (Romans 11:32).

Consigning man to disobedience to follow a spiritual ruler of this world, was set in order to put on a display before angels and man as a demonstration which illustrates how the head or ruler is responsible for the actions of its constituents, the governed. Pharaoh didn’t have much of a choice to let Israel go free even though this is exactly what he was going to do if the LORD didn’t harden his heart (Exodus 10:1; Exodus 10:24; Exodus 10:27). The final plague reserved for Pharaoh (ruler over Israel) who served as a copy for Satan (ruler over spiritual Israel, shadow cast from the heaven created on the second day) was in taking the lives of firstborns, which in the spiritual realm will be the mirror image, that will have the Second Passover being the beginning of the 10 plagues of Revelation which mirror the 10 plagues which preceded the Passover in Egypt under Pharaoh, again, the flow of scripture is from physical to spiritual. Pharaoh’s flesh simply served as a servant to the LORD; he was not given a second breath so no sin can be held against that which did not have life, spiritually speaking. His death paid for the sins he did in the flesh as all men do when they die…all are equal in death, all sons of adam are equal in death.

Notice the reverse order switch from physical to spiritual in the transition between the “P” and “J” creation accounts in Genesis chapter 2 vs 4:

These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created, [physical]

     in the day that [YHWH] God made the earth and the heavens. [spiritual]

Consigning man to disobedience doesn’t nullify commandments through covenants, but reassigns responsibility of transgressions from transgressor to their ruler, which today is the Adversary since he is the ruler of this world. Also on display for all to see is that the One who created man into a sinful creature has to bear the death penalty for creating them to have that sinful nature, and creating a death chamber so that death is possible and remains alive by being fed sin from the nature of those consigned to corruption. He, the Creator, has to satisfy the righteous requirement of the law (death for transgressions) by taking up the sinful nature that He gave to man and had to be sacrificed in order to fulfill all righteousness. After all, what led to Lucifer’s rebellion was his beauty (Ezekiel 28:17). Who made him beautiful? Did you get to choose if you were to be born a white, black, yellow or red man, handsome or unattractive? How about a male or female? Was Pharaoh “free” to let Israel go free when his heart was hardened, or was he merely a servant? Did you choose your parents? What is freedom, and how can it be found?

Peter, Paul and James in fleshly form were slaves, and this is the form in which Jesus took on when He entered His creation to come as a man to die. Though men were created in the likeness of God as James told us in 3:9, none of them were made complete having in themselves the completion of the law and the prophets, a time when a sinless man (the second Adam) freely chose to take upon Himself the sins of man, sons of the first adam, to ensure that He would die, for the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23) and the righteous requirement of the law demands that the life of the sinner dies for the sins he committed.

He did this at baptism…took their sin, uniting the two breaths of Adam (first and last) into one creature fulfilling all righteousness, and paid for it by His being crucified for the sins of Israel…sons of the first Adam, and He freely gave to “Death”… His life, the life of a sinless one. Now in doing this, “Death” rightfully has no claim to those purchased sinners since the righteous requirement –death for transgressions- has been satisfied. Righteousness is fulfilled when the sinner dies for sins committed…”Death” is fed and therefore it continues to live until its body is removed. Death gets defeated when those sown in corruptible bodies have an advanced payment applied towards a new body, one that “Sin” can no longer buy…has no claim to any longer, so the lives of men who remain under the rule of the Second Adam will not see death in the millennium unless it comes from outside forces…essentially stating that this period of a thousand year reign in the millennium will be as the antediluvian era which had Noah and sons living 900 plus years, the long awaited “New Covenant” in which all wars end and there is no more sicknesses caused by sin, a time when sin is no longer remembered. There still remains a sacrifice for sins, so we can honestly conclude that we are not under the covenant in which sins are no longer remembered.

In freely “choosing” to be the sin bearer while being sinless, the record of debt for the one purchased – the actual sinner- is cancelled if He forwards this payment. The sinner is purchased and therefore has a new owner. “Death” has no claim to the one who was freely purchased legally. It’s a good thing that Christ was a legalist practicing legalism, not as physically minded, religious pundits would define legalism. In this world, the one who was purchased remains in debt to the purchaser. The flesh remains a slave either to its ruler or to the one who legally purchased them, leaving all of humanity in the flesh as bondservants…the natural “self” of all sons of the first adam being consigned to disobedience being bondservants of sin which leads to death (Rom 6:16) or being enslaved to Christ if the person is given a second breath (spiritual) of life. Those who are alive when the ransom payment is forwarded for the purchase of their new bodies will have been changed in a twinkling of an eye and will consist of the Bride. Those who remain in human form will be ruled by those disciples who had their bodies changed on the fourth day…the lesser or dim light of the creation “P” account, the Bride while the greater light (the Groom) rules the heavens.

And God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years, and let them be lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light upon the earth." And it was so. And God made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night—and the stars. And God set them in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth, to rule over the day and over the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good. And there was evening and there was morning, the fourth day. (Gen 1:14–19)

Paul explained this procedure of how heirs are created different from bondservants, and how an heir struggles with the bondservant when the breaths of the two Adams are joined into one human body at Baptism. One son is hated, the other is loved and the example is given to the Galatians in chapter 4, verses 1-9 trying to discourage these new converts from going back to observing the Pagan holidays and festivals which they were accustomed to. The initial breath given to adam in the Garden is passed on to Jesus born of a virgin, to redeem sons of the first adam when the fullness of time had come (fulfilling all righteousness…this done at His baptism). Jesus in His flesh was under the law (under obligation to keep) until He fulfilled all righteousness which opened a path to freedom for the heir.

Building a bridge:

Getting Adam back to the Garden

Getting back to “Adam” what is necessary for him to live forever. To have eternal or everlasting life, you must eat from the Tree of Life. No exceptions. And there’s only one location in which this Heavenly Tree exists, and that’s within the boundaries of the Heavenly Garden, in Eden. There is, between the physical realm and the third Heaven created on the second day, a ring of fire (spiritually speaking), a non-oxidizing fire such as Moses witnessed as he gazed his eyes upon the burning bush, a fire which guards and serves as a dimensional barrier, fire which comes from the flaming sword of the cherubim placed to guard the Garden from which the first Adam was expelled (Gen. 3:24). To re-enter the garden as a completed man and tend to it without being consumed by this fire without the constraints of time binding it, you have to be Adam since it (the Garden which corresponds to the temple), was given to this (Adam’s) care to tend and keep (Gen. 2:15). No one but Adam can enter the Garden without being consumed by the timeless fire guarding it (Isaiah 43:2). Individually, Paul can’t enter it. Peter and James can’t enter it; only Adam can, and the way given to humanity which leads back to the spiritual promised land or Heavenly Garden is given only to Israel by covenant, to which the prophet Isaiah was referencing in chapter 43. Satan will try.

Sons of God are created in darkness just as a human son is created in the darkness of a woman’s womb, and no son becomes an heir to his father without his mother giving birth to him, and so spiritually, it is the female that is the hidden or concealed and most essential element in forming a bridge to give sons to the Father to be heirs to His kingdom in the highest location of Heaven known as the Most High. The Logos entered this physical world that He created not to judge it but to save those whom were being formed for completion, and what was needed was a bridge that linked the physical world to the spiritual world, a bridge necessary to deliver Sons to their Father to receive their inheritance, entrance into this realm is through the Heavenly Garden and eating of and from the Tree of Life, the one that neither the first adam or eve would eat. Everyone knows this story whether it’s believed or not. Even metaphorically, the message is made clear.

Man by himself is incomplete when producing life…a woman by herself is incomplete in producing life; in the flesh, both are in the form of a slave. What was necessary for the completion of man to be in the true image of God would be a time when man is both male and female after the likeness of their Creator…appearing as a marriage in this world of shades just one dimension down from the spiritual reality casting this semblance. The completion of man occurs in the spiritual Garden.

No other man could give life from within themselves without the help of a woman, except the Last Adam. Israel as the firstborn son of God, as YAH’s treasured possession, could never enter into this Heavenly moment for their inheritance was a physical geography for a physical son performing physical sacrifices in a physical temple, they were physical sons of adam, and their anointing as an heir by being the firstborn left them when they defiled themselves and the anointing was transferred to Christ Jesus by fulfilling all righteousness in Himself when He was baptized, which united a spiritual breath…a timeless, non-physical, new life…to dwell within a jar or container which came from Heaven, to contain the bright fire or heavenly life which would consume the flesh. Baptism unites these two breaths of Adam (physical/spiritual) into one creature typically as a marriage unites two humans into being “one” being; body and mind.

Adam was placed in the Garden with having both the Tree of Life and the tree of knowledge before him so the results of his choice could be exhibited before men and angels. While Adam was in the Garden, he could have constructed a bridge from this location of the third Heaven created on the second day to extend to the Most High in giving to Him Heirs but he did not eat from the Tree of Life, after all, this adam had a woman constructed from his flesh and bones but was created to be an exhibition of the results of choosing wrongly…this statement having everything to do with why the temple was laid to destruction. Within the Garden, Eve in her role as life giver would be the bridge for bringing sons to be heirs of God, yet she didn’t believe her husband, who in turn didn’t believe God any longer, because he was watching her eat, bite after bite…the woman he loved, and she just kept eating, without dying. What gives?

Adam couldn’t believe what his eyes were telling him when he saw Eve eat and not die. He believed what he saw, not what God said about him not doing the eating. Eve never gave birth while inside the Garden, a statement which declares that no sons of God came from within this Eve of the first Adam, while inside the Garden. What Adam failed to realize is that in the Garden of Eden, the Garden itself sustained life by the man’s continued belief in God. The substance of the Tree of Life which is at the center of the Garden is “belief” of God, for as long as Adam would have continued to believe God, neither he nor Eve would have died…even though she, the deceived woman, ate forbidden fruit from the tree of “knowledge” of good and evil, which is also in the Garden. The woman cannot be circumcised; life continued for her for she was under her husband’s obedience…was counted under her husband’s circumcision as was necessary for a woman in order to enter the physical temple. They would have continued living if this Adam continued to believe God to remain in the Garden but he believed his own eyes instead of God because he saw Eve still standing there breathing after she ate, something that will come to haunt humans who believe their eyes with the miracles that will be done by the son of perdition instead of the living words of God. Miracles do not promote “belief”, evidence of this coming from Israel’s continued disbelief of YHWH after seeing all of the miracles done in Egypt which led to their no longer being bondservants to Pharaoh. Lucifer quit believing God which is his ultimate transgression for to quit believing God is to judge Him by simply believing that what He says is not true. It’s what judgment is.


There’s no greater teacher of responsibility than through the correction of facing the consequences for your own failed decision. Repentance now needs to be factored into the equation of salvation. For the “demonstration” to be effective, it would have to set up to be a reflection of what Lucifer had done in his rebellion to God, a physical world which reflects the spiritual world that casts shadows showing how rebellion formed in the heavens. “Rebellion” has life…has a father, so all rebellion in this world is a shadow of the first rebellion, even the rebellion visible in the chronicles of Israel’s travels. To demonstrate this rebellion, it would involve creating a rebellious creature who enacts this trait when placed under authority, just as Satan did, to mirror and illuminate the product of rebellion; sin which leads to death, to illustrate how sin/death –brothers- can be defeated (Christ went out and chose brothers to be his followers, something being key in defeating death). These creatures would have to be “consigned to disobedience” in order to rebel against Satan’s authority, which he’ll have to deploy (forced rule) once cast into time.

Now, getting back to the Garden. The tree of “knowledge” of good and evil was placed in the Garden and was central to the first Adam having a command to not eat to ensure that sin would enter the world through him, adam, so that He, the Last Adam, could defeat that which He, adam, had introduced to the world of darkness, and is responsible for this sin which leads to “Death” in order to defeat Death, the last enemy (1 Cor. 15:26), by freely choosing to die while being sinless for transgressors satisfying the righteous requirement of the law, by uniting these two breaths into one at His baptism, which now gives Death no claim over those ransomed. To NOT eat from the tree of knowledge would result in continued living; to eat would ensure ejection through sin which leads to death, “Death” a created thing to ensure that life can end while you have gazing eyes watching this demonstration. To better put this into perspective…the righteous requirement of the law (death for transgressions)…adam brought sin into the world, Adam (the Last) died for the transgressions of the first adam, created in darkness, that ultimately He was responsible for creating. What about Lucifer’s creator?

From this moment in the heavens, this “demonstration” would begin in this created heaven which perpendicularly cast shadows which overlays a physical plane with a horizontal time line, with physical creatures unwillingly and unknowingly participating in this example of self-rule, which has above this physical world a spiritual head, or ruler, personified through troubled humans, spiritually appearing as one man as seen by Nebuchadnezzar’s metal man of dissimilar metals with a head of gold. Satan cannot resist the blandishments that come with absolute authority and the inner war/struggle within himself seeps outwardly appearing as the various colored metals yet arrayed in only one position that they can be attached, revealing the order of his conflicting mindsets.

How you are fallen from heaven,

     O Day Star, son of Dawn! …

You said in your heart,

    “I will ascend to heaven;

above the stars of God

     I will set my throne on high” …

But you are brought down to Sheol,

     to the far reaches of the pit.

Those who see you will stare at you

     and ponder over you:

“Is this the man who made the earth tremble,

     who shook kingdoms,

who made the world like a desert

     and overthrew its cities,

     who did not let his prisoners go home?”

All the kings of the nations lie in glory,

     each in his own tomb;

but you are cast out, away from your grave,

     like a loathed branch,

clothed with the slain, those pierced by the sword,

     who go down to the stones of the pit,

     like a dead body trampled underfoot. (Isa 14:14–13, 15–19, indented lines

are spiritual portions of thought couplets)

What Lucifer didn’t understand, from lack of wisdom, was that his ideas promoting democracy would spiritually result in a body which wouldn’t be ruled by his very own head, moving down one dimension…divorce being the product in the physical plane of these worlds. YAH gave to Israel a certificate of divorce (Isaiah 50:1; Jeremiah 3:8). This rebellion led to the formation of a third heaven to which he could express his ideas in which life was given to these ideas forming demons which would have these rebelling angels deciding for themselves how they should be ruled and through his practices of “trade” could these influenced angels conduct their theories through economies and would be vindicated should Satan’s ideas flourish through the abundance of his superior tradecraft, all of this done democratically or through a democracy. This allowed and ongoing demonstration is his, Satan’s, last hope of getting back into the Garden to have continued life in the formation of this heaven, with the prophet Isaiah, Ezekiel and John finding him wanting. He was cast from the Garden, but he’s still in the location of this heaven until cast to earth (Rev. 12:7-12). This method of self-governance led through rebellion had to be personified, to where a single person will have a head that has to contend with an un-ruly body, something that Paul struggled with greatly, something Christ has had to deal with, with unruly Israel but has a solution set in place once the time has come.

God has to hide from humanity so no one “plays” to the camera. Unknowing participants as “actors” would be necessary for this demonstration to be displayed and these actors would be sown in corruption meaning that they would have a sinful (rebelling) nature to authority. This is visibly seen in all those who battle with addictions and other form of vices, also the reason behind failed marriages. In this world, the affairs of men reflect the mindset of their spiritual ruler, and with Satan currently being the ruler of this world and prince and power of the air (2 Cor. 4:4; Ephesians 2:2) and though already judged he remains the ruler of this world until he will be cast out (John 12:31) and the whole world lies in his power until this event takes place (1 John 5:19). Without apology, obedient bondservants, reflect the values of their ruler.

Jesus came to reveal the Father to His disciples, this one “Jesus” who was made man…created a servant…to take on the form of a slave while the Father who is the Most High remains “unseen” or unknown to humanity. The creation of another “Heaven” (Genesis 1:6-8) which is the location of THEOS, the God of Abraham, which casts shadows to earth conceals a “higher” Heaven, an invisible spiritual location in which THEON rules as the Most High.

Marriage as a covenant:

You cannot force someone to be obedient more than you can command a person to love you, and this declaration will ultimately lead to the topic of marriage as a covenant, and will address the difference from bondservants from a bond that holds, as in the bonds of marriage where one has chosen freely to serve and be under the rule or authority of another, verses a being created under obligation to serve. You cannot force someone to marry you, or to be faithful to you, or to love you. A young man cannot make his wife have sex with him at 6:00 p.m. every other night when she doesn’t want to, and if she is forced to against her will, then it’s just the flesh that complies with the demands though her mind doesn’t agree and wants to be elsewhere; the flesh does not inherit the kingdom. So what’s the purpose of using force to get another in the flesh to comply when salvation is factored into a binding agreement if the flesh inherits nothing?

Are you trying to create an adversary? History shows that forcing someone to convert or sacrifice his beliefs has led to death to the ones who would refuse to convert against their ideology and the phrase “kill them all…Let God sort them out” as used as a reason to justify killing will not change what’s in a man’s heart, or the onlookers for that matter.

Women, demand that your man take you to dinner, the mall and to beauty salons while he has work to do, or while you could be better off spending that money on things that truly matter other than bringing glory to yourself. Demand that your husband buy you diamond rings and gold earrings for Mother’s Day. Did he do it out of love…or out of obligation? Forcing a day for the mothers of this world to be recognized does not produce love…but guys, for your sake…keep Mother’s Day; it’s not an obligation…it’s about recognizing that the greatest power available to humankind is through a child being created from two incompletes coming together, and this power is harnessed coming from a man through the body of a woman. Nothing needs to be said when you force or demand that another should do something against their will, and this applies to both men and women. Women, remember your husbands not only on Father’s Day, but every day that you share your breaths together.

Lucifer was created to be a bondservant to YHWH; the cherub was not free to choose to serve or not; he was created to serve “a” purpose. No angel was ever given a choice to freely keep a law through a command. If you are obliged to perform a duty, then you’re under obligation to fulfill that role; you are a bondservant to the one who rules you. A “bondservant” is created to serve without having a choice. The “bonds” which hold a marriage together by covenant are spoken by a “free” person who has a choice, and has made a choice to freely serve. He was not created to serve. Ancient Israel was not free to keep the law; they were obliged to keep it…a bond which ended in divorce. Today, the spiritual letter of the law remains, and you are free to keep it… it leads to life, or free not to keep it, which will bring certain death. The choice awaits you once you find your way back into the Garden, the location of where this decision is determined.

“Bondservant” or “bound” by marriage covenant…what’s the difference? Are you then a bondservant to Christ as Paul and John say? As long as there is a temple, whether physical or spiritual, then yes, you are, if you have life. You are not “free” to break the law and live. The heavenly marriage has not yet occurred from the standpoint of time, and Christ said that no one in heaven is given in marriage (Matthew 22:30) yet He told John through Revelation that there is a heavenly wedding, Him to His Bride specifically (Rev. 21;22). Is He therefore a liar? Is there a created heaven where the heavenly marriage will happen that is an abstract for a higher Heaven not created, a location where there are no marriages but is a location where those who have life are truly “ONE”? Most have an opinion about this, and are free to do so.

In this world as it is currently structured, you will be a bondservant to either Satan or Christ. Outwardly, you are a bondservant, and will be as long as you walk in the flesh which requires that your sinful nature has its sins paid for which leads to life, and if a bondservant to sin, Satan rules over you until the Second Passover liberation occurs breaking these binds that hold your mind captive to your flesh.

Why do people even get married? Is there any benefit in this world? It’s almost as if people are financially penalized for getting married, for if a single mother doesn’t wed, then she qualifies for government assistance in raising her children, and sets the government in place of a husband, making the children bastards. Marriage was given to humanity to practice this walk of two functioning as one. Marriage for an Israelite is a “covenant” where two practice this walk before the two actually become one with Christ, who is One with the Father in the Highest Heaven, a place where shadows are not cast (James 1:17), unlike the shadows cast from the Heaven created on the second day which forms the realities of the law and the prophets, and Israel’s rebellion (which could be likened to the rebellion seen in Lucifer) as we see in this world. Spiritually it is reconnecting Eve to Adam through puzzling through which they are made “one” again with Christ Jesus who is One with the Most High. Marriage for Israel is through covenant which involves reciting vows…a pledge…a promise, that is bound for life.

The LOGOS was the WORD of God.

Christ is the bread that came down from heaven, yet He said in Matthew 4:4 that “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from God”. The Logos is not the breath of God; He is the word of God. The head speaks through its mouth, yet the force of air to which words are spoken comes from the lungs when compressed by the ribs, which are located in the body…where Eve comes from. The words that He had given us was in Him living out the commandments of the Father; He was the law and the prophets living in human form among us, fulfilling all righteousness by completing the formation of “man” uniting two breaths, making the outer self to function as a house or tabernacle of flesh which could now contain indwelling Heavenly life in a non-physical soul…creating disciples to be individual Arks of the Covenant…which would contain a heavenly creation awaiting a new body once glorified that was once shared as the WORD (John 17:5).

Just as your breath gives life to your flesh, so does life come to your words by not only speaking them, but doing that which you have said and believe to be true. Jesus didn’t just repeat what YAH told Israel, He lived by what He told Israel. Israel was told to sacrifice a lamb at Passover for unintentional sin, Jesus became this Passover Lamb spoken about. Your breath only gives life to your flesh, no matter what color it is externally, but not every breath is in speaking words. One of the two witnesses will have Christ speak to him, and a single phrase will he know that he will utter which will cause them to be killed on a certain, single day…as the words spoken by the two witnesses will be weaponized harmonics used to tear down the kingdom of this world under its current construction in preparation for its new ruler. Words, or speech utterances, come from the modulation of wind coming from your lungs and is shaped by your tongue and lips by your breath that sustains your physical life. The reality of “the man Jesus” was the personification of the word of God spoken from the beginning, so the words He spoke represent Life, your words that you speak represent your life.

Spiritually, words spoken by Christ Jesus becomes the source material for which the Spiritual Temple began its construction, with Him saying “receive the holy spirit” when He breathed on the 10 on the day of the Wave Sheaf. The words which Christ spoke that He received from the Father became the construction material for which eternal life could now come to Sons of God through the formation of the Spiritual Temple, which is the Body of Christ. His words are the source of eternal life…salvation, and are held bound by the words of the covenant, the marriage covenant of Christ to New Jerusalem however outside of the priesthood of the Levites. It will come by a new order.

“In the days of His flesh, Jesus offered up prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears, to Him who was able to save Him from death, and He was heard because of His reverence. Although He was a son, He learned obedience through what He suffered. And being made perfect, He became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey Him, being designated by God a high priest after the order of Melchizedek.” (Heb 5:1–10 emphasis added)

Jesus said He can only do what He sees the Father do (John 5:19) and in Himself Jesus sees through His baptism that His body is in type a form of the Father in which He can give life from within Himself to another, His breath which gives life to His body and the Father’s breath which gives life to His spirit within His soul.

“For as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the son also to have life in himself” (John 5:26)

Homer said, “As Jesus constructed from Himself the Church to be the last Eve, while being Himself an Eve spirit (the second Eve), the Most High God constructed from Himself heaven to be the mother of His sons, then only angels. So the question emerges, what predated heaven? Is there any wisdom in building speculation upon speculation, constructing a house from the shadows of planks? No, there is not. It is enough for now to state that the twenty-four elders predated the construction of heaven, and that the rent in the fabric of heaven caused by the discovery of iniquity in an anointed guardian cherub dealt to heaven a wound that will not heal; hence, the need for a new heaven and a new earth, with the Elect in the new heaven and in New Jerusalem being analogous to the twenty-four elders in heaven.”

Satan, when cast to time will not know how to escape because he will be given the mind of a man and will have to use human intellect and rely on science and perform experiments, such as freezing a body until we have better science and technology to bring life back into a corpse, which will eventually see no fruition so he’ll have to, one could imagine, rely on computers and AI robots, to attempt to create a better world of beings to have his utopia once his experiment with humans has failed. He will not know how to escape death because he is unable to form in himself a marriage of his head to his rebelling body, a legion of demons, to return himself back to the Heavenly Garden as Adam can in Himself. He did not, cannot, construct from and for himself an ark made by the unbreakable promises of the Most High. He is the father of lies, and already has rejected the Word of the Most High as being true…he has judged God.

This is the cornerstone for all divorces seen in this world; an unwilling body to be ruled by its head. It is seen through all of the drug addictions and every other vice done by the body no matter how much the head desires to quit. Have you ever witnessed someone trying to quit using tobacco, knowing full well what its end result is for their very own body? It is spiritually a woman saying that no man shall rule over her. It’s what caused this physical world as we know it in the first place, a place for divorces before the kingdom is transferred. He, Satan, quit believing God, rejected the authority of His WORDS. So he, Satan, brings to himself from within, demons as the great whore of Babylon, who will not sacrifice herself as YAH did in creating the vessel to carry Sons back to the Father, and this woman, Babylon…which serves as his body would kill him if given the chance yet the body of “Death” is burned and destroyed. The body is to its head as a wife is to her husband and with the body burned, death cannot produce more death so the head without the body is sterile. Homer states here:

with the great horn or first king of the demonic king of Greece being broken (Dan 8:8, 21–22) when this still-future slaughter of uncovered firstborns occurs. This great horn will be broken because he is “first,” his bronze color linking him to the spiritual king of Babylon. And because of color (reflected light), it can reasonably be assumed that this great horn became, in the heavenly rebellion against God, the “firstborn” of the Adversary [common bronze, the 90% Cu 10% Sn alloy, is the same color as 14 carat gold, the 58% Au + 50/50 Ag Cu alloy that is usually recognized as being “gold colored”].

The “breaking” of the great horn of the federated, demonic king of Greece will belie the myth that angels cannot die: those angels that followed the Adversary will then know for certain that death awaits them, a realization that will introduce never-before-seen dynamics into the course of human affairs as some fallen angels attempt to save themselves and some seek vengeance upon all of humanity. [Pasted from <http://homerkizer.org/10-23-13C.html>]

Divorce was given to physical Israel to merely extend their physical lives and allowed them to live until the time where One could come and die on their behalf and become the sacrificed lamb required for redeeming Israel, the only nation to whom the New Covenant is promised. The unbreakable promise offered to Israel for continued life was that there be a sacrifice for transgressions through the Passover lamb. Divorce simply allowed the nation to continue physically living until an appropriate sacrifice could be performed on their behalf, which was the righteous requirement of the law, and that was the death of the Covenantor. The two witnesses of Revelation will understand the riddle to how death is defeated, and in knowing this, know exactly what to do to get killed on a certain day. It is appointed for man to die once (Hebrews 9:27-28) and the reality of these two is they have physically escaped death from the times of the ancients, yet they will make their appointments to die. Christ has already spoken the words when He comes to save those who eagerly await Him as an engaged virgin eagerly awaits the time to be betrothed to the bridegroom. This will be a televised event…all eyes will be watching their dead bodies for three days waiting for them to be resurrected, and on the third day humanity will laugh and make merry by exchanging gifts because after three days the two witnesses remained dead. Fear and terror will fill the world who doesn’t understand how days are counted when they are resurrected a time, time and half a time later (counting is done in days) when “Death” becomes nothing more to be feared than a cobra is without its fangs. Many will seek death, but it eludes them for the body of death has now been made sterile at this point in time. Any current, physically living human who entertains the idea of being one of the two witnesses will not know the appointed time for their death for they will not know how and when to begin the counting for the marking of days which precedes this televised event. Their vanity and arrogance precludes this from happening because of the blandishments accompanying this exceptional amount of authority and will be to their demise, for Christ will not tolerate vanity (attention drawn to the created) any longer. Abraham has seen the realities of the two, their identities sealed in faith and will be known by those counted worthy who eagerly await His arrival.

The “Bond That Holds” is not having the words of life to be put into something made by perishable items such as a wooden ark or a stone temple, the bond that holds is marriage covenant made by the promise of the Most High as Homer explained this perfectly here during our conversations about “the demonstration”. He stated:

“The two stone tablets upon which the commandments of God were written were not first sheltered in a wood ark in a stone temple. Rather, they were, along with Aaron’s budded staff and the jar of manna, placed in the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of the holies in a perishable tent of fabric, with this perishable tent being analogous to the physical bodies of disciples and with the two tablets of stone analogous to the hearts and minds of the disciples, making the Ark of the Covenant a spiritual “shell” within the person. This spiritual shell is constructed from the unbreakable promises of the Most High, not from wood or the perishable things of this world.

When the Ark of the Covenant is constructed from promises and not from wood as was Noah’s Ark that brought the Eight from the first world into the land of death, or from wood as was the Ark of the Covenant Moses built according to the instructions given him, then when these promises are fulfilled they are no longer within the Ark but form the structure of the Ark. Aaron’s budded staff forms the shadow and type of the promise of resurrection from death; therefore, when a person is raised from “the dead” by the Father giving the person life (John 5:21) the promise made by the buds on Aaron’s staff has been fulfilled within the person.

When a disciple has experienced the death of the old self and the resurrection-to-life of the inner new self, and when the disciple has struggled against the Adversary, overcoming him through living by every word that comes from the mouth of God (Matt 4:4), by not putting the Lord your God to the test (v. 7), by not worshipping or serving any God but the Lord (v. 10), then the disciple will be one with Jesus as Jesus was one with the Father when Jesus began His ministry … Moses was given instructions by the Lord on how to build the Ark of the Covenant, and how to build the tabernacle in which the Ark would dwell. But the essential point Moses made, that there would arise from Israel a prophet like him, cannot be forgotten: it is this latter prophet who will place the two tablets of flesh upon which are written the laws of God inside spiritual Arks of the Covenant made from promise. It is this latter prophet who transformed the words of Moses, “‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test, as you tested him at Massah’” (Deut 6:16), into the simple citation, “‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test’” (Matt 4:7).

Remember, when Solomon brought the Ark of the Covenant to the newly constructed temple in Jerusalem, there was nothing in the Ark except the two tablets of stone (2 Chron 5:10). The promise of resurrection in the form of Aaron’s budded staff and the bread that had come down from heaven were missing, for their reality had already occurred. Thus, Solomon’s dedication of the first temple serves as the physical equivalent to the resurrection of the firstfruits to either condemnation or glorification (John 5:28–29), with those who are resurrected to condemnation being analogous to the livestock Solomon sacrificed: “Then the king and all the people offered sacrifice before the Lord. King Solomon offered as a sacrifice 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep. So the king and all the people dedicated the house of God” (2 Chron 7:4–5).”

The Ark of the Covenant was carried by poles on the shoulders of Levites, the natural sons of Abraham, with Levites now being like the waters that covered the earth in the days of Noah. Stay with this analogy: the sea of humanity is as the waters that covered the face of the depth in the “P” creation account [the Genesis abstract for the plan of God]—and as these waters were divided, so too was humanity divided through birth from above (being born of Spirit). Thus, physical waters are lifeless until lifted above the heavens through spiritual birth (the second day of the abstract; Gen 1:6-8), and on the following day, from these lifeless lower waters emerge the beasts of Daniel chapter 7 as well as the amalgamation of these beasts (the spiritual kings of Greece sans the body of the king of the North) three and a half years later (cf. Dan 7:11-12; Rev 13:1-3). The king of Greece (cf. Dan 8:21; 10:20; 2:39) is not a single demonic spirit that rules over the earth through the appetites of the flesh, but a coalition of five demonic kings, the first or great king of this coalition to be broken in a manner foreshadowed by the death of Alexander the Great—broken because he is the figurative firstborn son of the Adversary; a firstborn not covered by the blood of the Lamb of God; a firstborn analogous to the firstborn of Pharaoh (Exod 12:29); a firstborn broken by the giving of lives in heaven and on earth for the ransom of spiritually circumcised Israel from bondage to sin and death (Isa 43:3-4); a firstborn by being the first angel to succumb to the iniquity found in an anointed cherub (Ezek 28:14-15).

What it took to produce marriage in this world was the creation of a man and a woman in the likeness of Elohim, a time when man, “Adam” specifically, was made complete. God the Father will never give indwelling eternal life to another human to be placed back in the Heavenly Garden because all other humans are incomplete in themselves; none of them received the initial life from the breath of God other than Adam, and none other than the Last Adam has received the breath from the Father which would have some humans being individual Arks of the Covenant, forming a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms where sacrifices are performed on behalf of these new lives by its High Priest, this act being the completing of the formation of one man Adam which would have the flesh now becoming a house for this inner new life, which is neither male nor female, neither black nor white or any other color for that matter. It is only through being “Adam” to which a living being can receive the initial breath of life which was given to the first man and be born of a woman. Only one man was created male and female. His name is “ADAM”. Every other man has to come from a woman, not the woman being born of a man. Jesus was this man. Adam in the garden was the only man ever not born of a woman; Jesus was the only one who was born of a woman to receive the breath given to the first man by Elohim whose father was not Adam. Read that again.


Joining two dissimilar metals involves using a transitional alloy which has electrons compatible with the second to last outer shells or orbitals of the parent metals by distributing them through one another forming a bond which holds them together. These transitional metals are usually “shiny”, and are able to put over 8 electrons distributing these electrons into the second to last shell, with the laws of physics allowing no more 32 being the maximum number of electrons within that orbital. Bonding these two dissimilar metals includes using a flux (from Latin, meaning to “flow”) which acts as a cleansing period which allows for the proper environment to allow this bonding to form a union to last.

Ezekiel explains to Christians about how the spiritual temple is to be reconstructed, and the plans of the temple are to be made known and its courts measured (Ezekiel 43:11-12). Repairing the breach in which the heavens that had a rent…a tear from its structure, involving the rebuilding of the spiritual temple which exists in the heavens created on the second day of the creation “P” account, a day not declared good, because on this second day the altar is to be cleansed by a male goat without blemish (Ezekiel 43:22). It is a place in which the marriage of the Lamb to New Jerusalem will be made, made with the unbreakable promises of the Most High. A man doesn’t marry his own body, nor a house. He lives in a house, and marries his bride. The spiritual temple seen in the heavens from Ezekiel’s vision of wheels within a wheel illuminates the realm in which the spiritual and physical worlds of the creation account interact with each other. If the skin of a man is torn, he bleeds out…his life leaves him and this man would die if the skin is not repaired, his life essentially spills out as if being poured from a glass. If the realm in which iniquity was found is not repaired, the “glory” which seeps out could not be reclaimed by He which entered the physical world to save it. The “wheels within a wheel”, the orbitals which have boundaries surrounding the physical from the spiritual, death from life, could not be crossed unless the breath of YHWH could be contained within a single, named man (one physical, One spiritual), a thing possible with baptism, with the initial breath re-entering that from which it came, into the single man “Adam”, making him the first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega.

The Most High uses comparisons to make things known. Just as “Adam” is used as an example to see how a subjects reacts to the authority of two rulers at separate times, the Hebrews in Egypt didn't have one Pharaoh to rule over them, but had two…at separate times. The first “Pharaoh” or king was good to the Hebrews; he set Joseph up over them, and because of this good Pharaoh the Hebrews grew, multiplied and prospered, all while in Egypt...probably didn't even realize they were slaves. However, when this good "Pharaoh" was replaced with the next, this ruler feared the numbers of the Hebrews and actually lead to their becoming slaves through hard service; Joseph's favor had worn its worth, and all of the Hebrews felt oppression under this second Pharaoh or king. The Hebrew people now “knew” slavery all too well simply because their ruler changed. Same position of authority occupied by two men, who ruled over one people…all in the same location. The physical is always the mirror image of the spiritual, and the physical Hebrews were under the authority of the good ruler first, then came the slave-driver. In the spiritual, the good ruler comes second, which sets the standard for how the second son is the son of promise. Abraham's firstborn, Ishmael was rejected and Isaac became the son of promise. Esau was born first of the grandsons and was rejected, Jacob became the son of promise, the reason for the wars in the East. Before all this, Cain was first, and slew Abel who was second, setting the stage for the flesh against to wage war against the spirit once it is given. The first adam was rejected from the Garden, the Second Adam found His way back, and awaits His bride...awaits for what's promised to Him.

This “bride” will be selected from those being dragged around and enslaved by the flesh of the first man and woman, the flesh which is rebellion to the spirit of the Second Man, the flesh which currently has a ruler in Satan, and all rebellion needs to be exposed to be deposed. The bride price will be paid for with the second slaying of firstborns at the Second Passover, since this is the form of the medium of exchange in purchasing an enslaved people from a ruler (Exodus 13:15). A “thing” just doesn’t happen; there’s a cause which produces the effect, so how is rebellion exposed? A simple test can be performed to see the method used in exposing rebellion. If the woman in this world represents the body of a spiritual being, compare her to another woman and watch how quickly the mask comes flying off, should she be wearing one. In this world, we’re given comparisons between rulers and their dissimilar uses of authority. Do you believe that Lucifer, who was created perfect outwardly…would like being compared to another? His outward beauty is what produced his vanity, which corrupted his judgment. Satan’s method of administering authority will be compared to the structure of the Messiah’s method, and because of the comparison, his vanity will override his perspicacity, his method of authority is found wanting for the purpose for which he was created in being the son of dawn, the morning star (Isaiah 14:12-14), and will (from a perspective of time) be replaced by the root of David, from the stump of Jesse (Revelation 22:16).

What it took to produce the marriage in the Heaven was in creating a man in the likeness or image of YHWH, a time when man is spiritually made complete by fulfilling all righteousness. Moving down one level, from spiritual to physical, the reflection of that Heavenly marriage is seen through the holiness that comes through marriage as a covenant, which was given only to Israel…this bond producing an heir which has been responsibly tended to, to inherit all that His Father has. To those who will come as Sons that don’t feel special yet, read Isaiah 49 to see how you’ve been prepared, in being formed from a servant through redemption to being an heir in receiving what has been preserved for Israel – a glorified new body with an inheritance. This promise awaits future Sons as you go through the tribulation to be transformed into vessels of light as you become a light to the world during the millennium for all nations to see…to be an example, as you prepare yourselves for the final battle with Satan, who has fire come from his midst because he could not create a shell to contain the bright fire which is the glory of his Maker, a subject for another writing.

The “tear” which was made in the Heavens which caused the physical world to be created, the tear caused from rebellion, will have been correctly repaired into a bond that will hold; and the procedures used by the Most High to create Sons from darkness and purchasing them legally from slavery to making them Sons of Light to be eternally bound to Him is without blemish by order of the bonds of marriage by covenant…and it can be said with certainty that there are no cracks in this weld.

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