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When I began writing in 1979, I began a book, not an article or an essay or a short story. I began a writing in long form because I didn’t know much could be said in few words. I wanted to eliminate ambiguity. And what I didn’t know was how long it takes to write a book … although I went at writing with a workman’s mindset, not at all intimidated by a blank sheet of paper, I heard others talking about writing 1,200 words a day and accomplishing a good day’s work, but I found that two, three, four thousand words a day better represented a day’s work if a person has something to say. If not, the person should be remain silent.

Because of Google’s December 2003 change in search engine algorithm [the Florida Dance], I/we opted to increase the number of websites we had on line. To have distinct content on each site, I had imposed upon myself the burden of producing the equivalent of a five thousand word article several times a week. And this level of production makes possible producing a book in under a month without having to gather short pieces into a book-length manuscript. Hence, the theological books I have written are long-form arguments that are sometimes difficult to read for the person not familiar with the Bible. They are not intended to be picked through, read a little here and a little there, but are intended to be read beginning to end, with the auditor hopefully having a high degree of theological clarity when exiting the manuscript.

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