Water and fire - where mental landscapes merge.
Water & Fire

A Journal Where Mental Lanscapes Merge



Water & Fire

Where Mental Lanscapes Merge

Water & Fire comes from the earth having been baptized by water into death. In the future, the earth will be baptized by fire into everlasting life. The movement is from night to day, darkness to light, corruption to incorruption. This movement is empowered by baptism by spirit, so that which is physical serves as a type or shadow of a spiritual reality.

Articles in this e-journal bring typological exegesis into the 21st-Century, taking the reading strategy beyond where Samuel Mather in Figures or Types of the Old Testament (1683), or Jonathan Edwards in his "Types" notebook or in "Types of the Messiah" were able to go. Articles continue the logical progression of ideas developed by the Reformed Church. Although a gap of more than two centuries separate Puritan typology from articles in this journal, this gap has been bridged. Pilings were sunk among the social constructs that form a veritable logjam of modern mental paradigms. To these pilings girders of faith were riveted. These girders were then decked with obedience, so when this gap in time is vertically bridged, spiritual landscapes have merged. The geography of the promised land becomes the mental topography of humanity. This mental topography is as real as is the soil upon which humanity walks. It is this territory over which Satan presently reigns as the spiritual king of Babylon. It will become the territory of God the Father and of His Christ (Rev 11:15) half way through seven years of Tribulation, when war is fought in heaven and Satan and his angels are cast to the earth (Rev 12:7-10). Then, human nature will become Christ Jesus' nature.

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