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The Mission:
Understanding Bible Prophecy

In 1978, a friend and commercial fisherman on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula asked his then six-year-old daughter if she wanted to see Homer Spit. She was terribly disappointed when he took her to the town of Homer instead of bringing her over to my shop. His daughter was his firstborn, and eight years later, she was killed when a building being moved fell and crushed her. Her death caused him to challenge God, and all he knew about God. While I don't know how his quarrel with God is presently going, I know that Christendom, beginning the morning after the second Passover liberation of the holy nation of God, will experience what this fisherman did if no more born-from-above sons of Abraham take the Passover as Jesus gave the example than presently do.

The second Passover liberation of the spiritually circumcised sons of God is the event that begins seven years of tribulation that are the hard labor pains of the last Eve bringing many sons of God to glory. The Church will not miss the delivery of her children. She will not be bodily raptured to heaven to escape these hard labor pains.

The problem with prophecy is what prophecy reveals. Today, the world doesn't hate Christians for Christ's name's sake. The world will hate Christians the morning after Israel's liberation. Today, in most of the world, Christians are laughed at or scorned, not truly persecuted. Christians will be persecuted worldwide the morning after Israel's liberation. And the disciple that seeks to save his or her physical life will lose the disciple's spiritual life. If this born-again disciple will not leave sin or lawlessness, this disciple adopts Hagar as his or her mother, thereby becoming a spiritual descendant of Ishmael. Or if this disciple trades his or her birthright for bread and a bowl of lentils, this disciple will become a spiritual descendant of Esau, who was born of promise but hated [not respected] when still in the womb. God loved Jacob, who wrestled with God and prevailed. The seven years of tribulation are about wrestling with God, and by faith, prevailing through enduring to the end. The promise to every one (when the Holy Spirit is poured out upon all flesh) is that the person who endures to the end shall be saved. This is the good news that must be proclaimed to all the world as a witness to every nation before the end comes (Matt 24:13–14).

Today, biblical pundits twist the massive nation of China into endtime prophecies through the narrow identifying phrase, kings of the east. On the morning after, pundits will not find a massive Chinese nation, but a devastated nation, for China has become a nation of firstborns who do not cover their sins with the blood of the paschal Lamb of God.

Today, historical exegesis promulgates the continued bondage to lawlessness of the spiritual sons of Abraham. Following liberation, historical exegesis will cause these sons of Abraham to rebel against God 2300 days before the glorified Jesus comes as the Christ. Like the circumcised nation that left Egypt, the spiritually circumcised nation will not enter into God's rest because of unbelief that becomes disobedience when this nation tries to enter on the following day (Heb 3:19 & 4:6; Ps 95:10-11; Num 14:11, 35, 40-41). Except for a spiritual Joshua and a spiritual Caleb, God will send a great delusion (2 Thess 2:11-12) over his firstborn son because this son did not love righteousness enough to walk uprightly before Him when this son's only covering for sin was his obedience.

When the Son of Man is revealed (Luke 17:26-30), the Body of Christ [the Body of the Son of Man] will also be revealed. Liberation from sin means that the Holy Spirit will be poured out upon every disciple as it was on that day of Pentecost following Calvary. Disciples will be free from sin; the law of God that is in their minds will no longer war with a law of sin that today still resides in their fleshy members (Rom 7:25). Sin will be defeated. Spiritually circumcised Israel will be ransomed from sin at the cost of firstborns not covered by the blood of Christ, just as circumcised Israel was ransomed in Egypt (Isa 43:3-4). The imaginations of a disciple's mind will be made visible by the actions of the disciple, for those who love the truth will have the power to truly walk upright, by faith, before God. And those who have not practiced walking uprightly under the cloak of Grace will rebel against God.

I have told the story before (in A Philadelphia Apologetic) of being drafted to reread biblical prophecies. I wouldn't have chosen me to do this job. A gunmaker, logger, commercial fisherman, woodcarver living on the margins of society, I confess that my only qualification for doing the job for which I was drafted is the work I have done since that day on the second Thursday of January 2002, about 12 minutes after 10 CST. And I have stumbled over what I previously believed, initially placing in print some of what I had been taught by physically minded teachers of good intentions, placing in print what is close to being correct, but not quite right.

A few friends have suggested that I would be less controversial if I didn't make the claim that I was drafted to reread biblical prophecy. I suspect they are correct, but others who have been drafted to do a specific task have also received the same advice. A paraphrase of Amos' response remains appropriate: I was a hunter and fisherman, not a theologian. I grew up thinking everyone who was religious was mentally deficient, that this person needed a crutch to cope with life. Then even after being placed in the Body of Christ in 1972, I didn't set out to do the job of rereading prophecy. I drove to the end of the road, bought a boat in Homer, Alaska, and sailed farther west and away from the administration of the church I attended. But in the cabin of that boat, while tied to the old Sub dock at Dutch Harbor in 1979, I began writing. I felt an unexplainable need to place words in print. Those words have become the endtime good news that all who endure the pain of spiritual childbirth will be saved, will have a place in the first resurrection.

Time is the arbiter of whether the claim that another Passover slaughter of firstborns will occur, will begin the Tribulation is true. There is no other arbiter from inside time. Popularity, following, acquired physical facilities mean nothing. Either what I write will happen, or it won't. If it doesn't, then I will rightfully disappear into the flotsam of history. If it does, then you are without excuse, and your salvation depends upon you believing Christ Jesus. If you are a firstborn, physically or spiritually, and if you do not cover your sins with the blood of the Lamb of God as Jesus gave the example and as Paul taught saints at Corinth, you will die suddenly. If you are a spiritually circumcised son of Abraham and if you have not covered your sins, you will die out of covenant with God. You will, if born again, go into the lake of fire. For there will be a second Passover slaughter of spiritual Egyptians and of Israelites who left their houses before midnight, the conclusion of the sixth hour of darkness.

Scary? It should be. As a spiritually circumcised firstborn the stakes of the wager you make about whether I have been drafted to reread prophecy is your eternal life, and all you have to do to hedge your bet is to take the Passover annually as Jesus gave the example. That isn't asking you to do anything but believe Christ Jesus instead of the men who would have you take communion quarterly, or with water instead of wine, or whenever you feel like it. If you don't know how you should take the Passover, read the short article titled "Passover Observance," or contact me.

The key to understanding the Bible and to understanding biblical prophecies is that in all things, the physical precedes the spiritual (1 Cor 15:46), and the visible reveals the invisible (Rom 1:20). A person doesn't need to know the identity of the descendants of the ancient house of Israel. A person doesn't need to know the nuances of koine Greek phrases. Readers assign meaning to words, so unless a person is of the same mindset as the writer, the person will not assign the same meaning to a linguistic icon even if both use the same language. A person doesn't need to know what scholars have written about a word, a passage, a Gospel. A person needs only to understand that the visible, physical sequences of events reveal what the reader cannot see, hear, touch, or taste. And understanding some of what humans cannot directly observe or input is absolutely necessary for the development of the sons of God; hence, the Bible exists both as a revealing document, and as a witness against spiritual juvenile delinquents.

A few days after the second Passover liberation of spiritual Israel from bondage to the king of Babylon (Isa 14:4-21), the many false prophets of Israel will misidentify this Passover slaughter as the sixth trumpet plague of Revelation. The man of perdition will appear, an Arian Christian possessed by Satan himself, and these many false prophets will identify this man of perdition as the antichrist, their identification either based on him being an Arian or upon his attempt to change times and the law. They will be three and a half years premature in where they place the Church in the course of the Tribulation. Thus, they will cause many of those who believe them to accept the mark of the beast when Satan is cast from heaven and comes as the true antiChrist, a fallen archangel living as a man as Nebuchadnezzar, the visible, physical king of Babylon, lived as a beast.

Enduring means living by faith. The holy ones will be given into the hand of the man of perdition for three and a half years; Christ will, literally, turn His hand against them. The man of perdition will use the Sabbath to exclude the holy ones from the economy of the world. Then when it seems that the situation cannot get worse for the holy ones, when if the days were not shortened none would survive, Babylon falls. The kingdom of the world becomes the kingdom of the Father and of His Christ. Satan is cast from heaven and comes claiming to be the Messiah. And the holy ones still have three and a half more years of enduring, of living by faith before the true Christ returns. Only now, all of humanity will have received the Holy Spirit. All will have been called out of Babylon. All will be the holy nation of Israel. And the saints who have endured in faith for the first half of the Tribulation will teach the ways they have lived to neighbors and acquaintances as a famine of the Word will occur as a result of Babylon falling. These saints will have the opportunity to store treasure in heaven that those who were not previously called will not receive. They will, then, be as we are today who, as the remnant of Israel that left Babylon to rebuild the walls of spiritual Jerusalem, have the opportunity to build treasure in heaven by proclaiming the endtime gospel about patient endurance to the world.

The mission of this work, my mission, is to get spiritually circumcised sons of God to take the Passover annually as Jesus set the example. The mission is to save your life, physical and spiritual. And in trying to save your life, the message about patient endurance shall be proclaimed to the world as a witness to all nations.

Today, you will either believe Christ Jesus, or you will believe what men who lived centuries after Jesus lived have written about Jesus. The morning after Israel's liberation, you will either believe Christ, or the Cross. You will have no other choice.

Today, no sin is imputed to you as long as you remain in covenant with Christ Jesus. The morning after Israel's liberation, you will no longer sin if you are ruled by your mind as Christ Jesus feeds you in the Wilderness of Sin. You will no longer be under bondage to sin.

For spiritual Israelites today, most of whom will live into the Tribulation, living by faith means accepting Jesus as one's personal savior. The morning after, living by faith will mean everlasting life or the second death. Living by faith will grow to mean being shunned for Christ's name's sake; will grow to mean no employment, no welfare benefits, no spending savings or selling assets; will grow to mean daily relying on the Father and Christ for food, water, shelter, for living until tomorrow.

Today, the Apostle Paul's doubly accursed gospel manifests itself in the Prosperity Gospel, the Name-it Claim-it Gospel, the Rapture, the Place of Safety: it is the mixing of Old Covenant promises with New Covenant aspirations. The morning after, Paul's doubly accursed gospel will have spiritual Israelites physically looting Babylon by using circumcised Israel's looting of Egypt as their model. And these spiritual Israelites, loaded down with plunder, will be recaptured by the king of Babylon. They will lose both their physical and their spiritual lives.

The teachings of my ministry have no immediate theological predecessor although they build on the works of Samuel Mather and Jonathon Edwards, a realization that came after revelation had been given. However, they have an immediate precursor: the physically minded work of the Radio Church of God. That work reintroduced into the greater Church an awareness of the annual Sabbaths of God, and a partial understanding of why these Sabbaths need to be observed by all disciples. That work also wore thin the pocketbooks of drawn saints, by using the generous tithes and offerings of disciples and co-workers to create a physical facsimile of their vision of life as a king and priest in the world tomorrow. As a result, this work, small but also worldwide, has primarily proclaimed the good news that all who endure to the end shall be saved as a witness to all nations on the sales of hand carved treenware. Instead of making tents, I carve wood bowls using traditional Native American adzes and crooked knives. However, I invite the support of those who wish to become involved in taking the gospel of patient endurance to the world.

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