Conversations From the Commonplace

Between friends . . .

Through the years, Matt and Homer exchanged many conversations via emails and telephone–and from the beginning Matt began to jot down notes and references about these conversations in what became his commonplace book. Of necessity, as in a conversation, there are breaks and hanging thoughts …

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Greetings to all,


For many years, Homer and I would engage each other in many conversations, and throughout the years I kept notes on the things that we had discussed.  We would revisit back to the conversations of the past once we realized that we had a better understanding of the subjects that we had discussed.  The questions that I had are common questions that many disciples eventually will have, since we are all of one mind, with one body.


After Homer had passed, I continue in my trials of suffering in this slave body of mine but keep my focus on returning to Spiritual Eden, the only place that one who is born again…one with a second breath of life,  can eat from the Tree of Life, to redo the unbelief of Adam,  with the substance of the Tree of Life being “belief”.  “Belief” not being in God, but believing in what He says to be true.


I continue revisiting the subjects that Homer and I had once discussed, and the level of understanding deepens as the days, weeks and months pass like pages being flipped in a book.  I can’t share them with Homer any longer, and it saddens me, but will post these deeper understandings of the topics once covered,  these topics being of a common interest to those with a second breath being fed by Christ Jesus,  the true bread from above.


I am not a teacher, I do not instruct. I can say what I believe, and not say that this is the way or “thus says the Lord”. I am continuing the conversations of interest that I had with Homer, and will post them here as I’ve always done with Homer, to be read by whoever reads this on this site, to either find it helpful to them, or simply to dismiss them.



Thank you,

Matt Hebert




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