Older Theological Writings

When called to reread prophecy, I initially believed I was called to reread the two-house of Israel doctrine that held Judaism and the modern State of Israel represented latter day descendants of the ancient House of Judah, while northern European nations, especially English speaking nations, represented latter day descendants of the House of Israel. But within the day, I knew that the two physical houses of Israel message was wrong: there are two nations of Israel, both firstborn sons. The first of these nations of Israel is the outwardly circumcised nation of Israel, the biological and adopted descendants of the patriarch Abraham. The second nation of Israel is the assembly of born-of-spirit inner selves that received heavenly life through the indwelling of the spirit of Christ in the spirit of the person.


But developing this realization that the physical things of this world reveal and precede the spiritual things of God took a number of years and many articles, essays, and explications of text … these explications have been retained so that a person coming behind me can plot my growth in grace and knowledge, thereby saving researchers time that would have been spent “discovering” what I had previously written and when.



As far as I know, everything I have written theologically and posted to this website is available for a person interested in the development of concepts and ideas. It will take a researcher less time to read the articles than it took me to write them, so get at it!